Glycolic peels are some of the best skin care treatments to help you get that pretty face. Peel treatments range in type and variety and certainly costs. They don't have to take much time, and despite the connotation that "chemical peels" have in the plastic surgery realms, glycolic acid peels are mild, with no recovery time, and more importantly very effective.

Glycolic peels products are available in stores that often carry beauty supplies and other skin care products. However they will never exceed the 10% concentration amount. Anything higher than that is by law only to be used by licensed practitioners, like an esthetician or dermatologist.

So to get started on the path to a pretty face with the use of glycolic peels, pick up one of these 10% treatments and test it at home. You should see and feel a face that it is much smoother. There may be some redness but that is natural and will go away within several minutes. After testing it out, it is handy to keep that 10% glycolic peel around for a weekly treatment. However, there is only so much an at-home treatment can do for you, but there will be benefits. To gain an even greater skin appearance going to an esthetician for a stronger glycolic peel treatment is the way to go, into the 30-40% glycolic peels.

Most people and definitely celebrities continue to get glycolic peels regularly; these skin treatments are how they maintain their pretty face, along with the other standards of good hygiene. Like exfoliation, wearing sunscreen and removing the make-up, entirely from your face. Glycolic peels are expense and they do add up, but they are definitely less expensive than major plastic surgery, like a face lift and such. Take good care of your skin and plastic surgery is unlikely to be necessary.

Glycolic acid peels are even preferred over microdermabrasion by professionals because of the quick chemical and lasting action that the treatment has on your face. Microdermabrasion, although deemed effective by some, is a physical treatment that actually rubs down your skin cells, in essence making your skin thinner over many treatments. Glycolic peels treatments don't have this effect, and in this regard is safer than microdermabrasion.

So be careful with the types of skin care treatments you choose. It is better to be safter than sorry when you are dealing with the skin on the face. Take necessary steps of completing a series of glycolic peel treatments to get your prettiest face ever.