Driving go-karts is a fun activity for both adults and kids. Most cities of any size have a go-kart track suitable for family activities. From driving go-karts on a public track, people may think they might want to race them. Go-kart racing is popular, and many professional  automobile racing drivers at the highest levels started their racing careers in go-karts. It’s common for go-kart racing organizations require a person to attend and complete a go-kart racing school before they compete.


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Go-Kart Racing Safety

The main priority for all forms of racing, including go-karts is safety. Racing schools prime function is teaching safety while going fast. Throughout the class program, safety procedures will be included in the program.


There are three sections of racing go-karts; sprint, endurance and speedway. Sprints race on paved road courses with left and right hand turns. Endurance races last for an extended periods of up to 24 hours on road courses, and may require alternating drivers. Speedway is for go-karts on oval tracks with left turns only. Speedway kart races can be on paved or dirt tracks. Go-kart schools have classes in all divisions and students can specialize in the division they prefer.

Go-Kart Tracks

Some tracks are associated with go-kart racing schools. These may be tracks used for motorcycle and car racing as well as go-karts. Some go-kart schools have their own racing tracks built at their location. These tracks usually include road racetracks that can block off sections to use for different distances and layouts. Some include different distance ovals.


Go Kart Schools

Some schools offer abbreviated, half or one-day sessions that allow a person to see if they like go-kart racing. These programs allow track time under a strict set of restrictions which may include limitations on speed. During these sessions attendants can acquire information to help determine what kind of go-kart racing they want to do.

Go-Kart Racing for Kids

Go-karts are the normal environment for a kid to start racing. By taking a course at a go-kart school they will be taught the proper techniques for safe racing. The teachers have raced, and know the proper procedures and techniques to instruct students to race fast and safe. They teach methods for moving and standing starts, the fastest line through corners and techniques for passing and racing in groups.

Go-kart racing for kids and adults can be a fun family activity. The activity has a large following, and many people safely compete in go-kart racing each year.