Tackle traveler's blues with the lightweight GoLite BLU by Philips. Designed to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, the device tucks neatly into a carry-on bag and at 2 pounds, weighs less than a laptop computer.

Business travelers caught in the cycle of airplane to hotel to meetings, a restaurant and then back to the hotel are seriously susceptible to the blues. Lack of sunshine will do that to you. During the gloomy, short days of winter, low mood can be even more challenging for a road warrior. If you already suffer with SAD before even hitting the road, the stressors of work-related travel will sap your energy. It makes good personal and business sense to pack light therapy, and use it, during the trip. Don't try to tough it out. Your business deserves the best you can offer and a case of depression will not contribute to successful meetings, sales calls or business development.

How goLite Light Therapy Works

The portable goLite BLU device incorporates two methods of light therapy. It gives off a narrow spectrum of blue light. The Mayo Clinic notes that blue light has shorter wavelengths and researchers have shown it has more effect on SAD symptoms than full spectrum white light. GoLite light therapy is also designed with a feature to replicate the sunrise, a treatment method called "dawn simulation."

How to Use goLite Light Therapy

When you arrive at your destination, set the goLite up on the desk in your room, turn it on for a 20-minute session and simply relax in the chair. The device has a retractable stand at the back, like a picture frame, so it is not fussy to set up. Do not look directly into the intense light; instead, turn your head to the side and focus around the hotel room, or even shut your eyes.

Light therapy for seasonal affective disorder is typically recommended for the mornings, but some users report that a session in the afternoon helps with late-day doldrums. This schedule can be particularly useful after a long day at a convention or trade show, before you go out to dinner with business associates. The ggoLite BLU Light TherapyoLite BLU has a timer control so that you can set the session from 15 to 30 minutes long.

The Philips goLite touchscreen control panel has a digital clock and an alarm built in. For dawn simulation, program the alarm clock to turn the device on at your wake-up time. It beats fumbling with light switches in an unfamiliar hotel room, but more important, provides natural light stimulation as you awaken. GoLite Blu is just over 5-inches square and 1-inch thick, so it sets easily on the bedside stand.

Traveling With a goLite BLU Light Therapy Device

Its small size allows you to tuck the device in your computer bag, a briefcase or a handbag. Place the goLite in a bin when you pass through airport security, along with your keys, cellphone and any other electronic devices you may be carrying. The goLite shell is sturdy, and a vinyl travel sleeve is provided for protection from scratches. The charger cord is nearly 6-feet long, a handy length for hotel rooms where electrical outlets are sometimes awkwardly positioned. A goLite BLU Light Therapy Device holds a charge for well over two hours of use, with some users reporting up to four hours of battery power before needing to plug in again. If international travel is part of your business schedule, order the Philips goLite therapy light with a universal adapter.