Official GoPro Accessories LCD Touch BacPac

There are only two things wrong with the GoPro Cameras out of the box, the first is the battery life, which is easily fixed, the second is the lack of a screen which prevents previewing the footage while out on location.

This is also now easily fixed, as we shall see.

Firstly, what do you get in the box for your $70 bucks?

Firstly, of course, you get tGoPro Camera LCD Touch BacPac ReviewCredit: Amazon.comhe LCD BacPac, this attaches to the back of the GoPro camera and includes an improved screen, a 3.5mm jack for headphone or line out and a speaker.

You also get three replacement back doors – these are needed as your camera will no longer fit in the standard GoPro Case with the LCD Touch BacPac installed – the replacement doors are deeper to overcome this.

The three new back doors are a Waterproof Touch Backdoor, a standard non-touch backdoor and a skeleton backdoor which will allow a headphone to be attached while the camera is at least partially protected (keep it away from water with this backdoor on!).

Finally there is a nice case to hold and protect the LCD BacPac when it is not in use.

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How is the LCD Touch Bacpac in use?

If the ability to review video while out using the camera is important, whether that be riding, surfing or skydiving, then the LCD Touch BacPac will allow you to do this, sure you could use the smartphone app with the HD Hero3 but the quality of the playback isn’t good enough to check lighting or whether the frame rate and resolution the right ones for what you are trying to achieve, the LCD Bacpac solves this and also means your expensive smartphone can stay somewhere safe.

This will allow you to get much better footage, which means less effort when editing.

The other advantage is the ability to more easily control the camera via the touch controls, which continue to work even when in the case (as long as you use the Touch Backdoor), this makes configuring setting switching modes much easier, which means you are more likely to do so and therefore get the most out of you camera.

The ability to see what you are recording makes the GoPro feel much more like a normal camcorder and it can be used with a lot more confidence, especially in situations where you might only get one chance to get the shot you want.

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GoPro HERO3 LCD Touch BacPac
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So what are the drawbacks of the LCD Bacpac?

The touch functionality doesn’t work with the older models of the camera, so as such it can only be recommended with the GoPro HD Hero 3.

The other issue is that the battery also drains faster when using the LCD screen so it makes a lot of sense to take a spare battery or two out with you and remove the screen when it is not needed.

Conclusion: Turn your GoPro HD Hero 3 into a fully featured, tiny, waterproof high definition camcorder. A must for the HD Hero 3 owner, not so convincing if you have an older model though.