Do You Really Know Motorcycle Covers?

Grab the first motorcycle cover you see at the lowest price. Yeah that's a sure path to wasting your money. Cover your bike with the thing and after a little rain shower you find your bike soak and wet. What the heck. What's wrong with this cover?

Well you jumped before you looked is what's wrong. There are covers and there are covers and if you spend your hard earned money too quickly you stand an excellent chance of buying a motorcycle cover that will not do the job.

You don't know the meaning of aggravation till you buy the wrong motorcycle cover. Any devoted bike owner realizes that a good deal of the charm of owning a bike is being proud of it's condition. If you are a dirt rider than a bright shiny appearance may not be as important but leaving any motorcycle standing bare in the elements will surely lower it's value and quickly damage it's appearance and operation.

Sooner Or Later You Will Probably Sell A Motorcycle

Chances are you will at some time decide you want to sell your bike. The old saying that, "You only get one chance to make a first impression", is absolutely true when buying or selling a motorcycle. If the paint is dull from years of the suns rays and the chrome is dingy or worse, beginning to rust, than your bike is worth much less and will most likely scare away potential buyers.

If you live near salt water and you do not protect your bike from the elements it will very quickly began to show the results of exposure to salt air. If you ride in northern climates and enjoy late fall rides you may find that an overnight stay at a motel leaves your bike covered with an unexpected early snow covering.

Leaving your bike unprotected for hours in bright sun or rain will cause you to spend many hours waxing and polishing when you could be riding.

Of course you know all of this and that's why you find yourself ready to buy a motorcycle cover. But are you really ready? You will be ready to buy the right cover if you spend just a little time reviewing the available covers and make sure you can answer the following questions.

Can You Answer these Questions?

Do you need a dust cover or a water resistant or water proof cover. All motorcycle covers are not alike. DMotorcycle CoversCredit: http://www.morguefile.comust covers are great for protecting your bike while stored indoors but will never give the protection you need out doors. Water resistant covers are not water proof. While they may do a good job of keeping out most of the rain some will still seep through. If you want a water proof cover make sure that your purchase is in fact water proof and not just water resistant.

Do you know what size cover you need? While many covers are supposedly made to fit specific models you may be surprised that some  manufacturers may not be truly concerned about a perfect fit or the quality of the cover. You need to do some review to find which covers may not be all the manufacturer claims they are.

If you do not buy a custom cover do you know what size you need for your bike? After carefully measuring your bike you should find these suggestions helpful.

The medium motorcycle cover will usually be in the range of 86" long x 44" wide, measured at the wheelbase, and 44" high. 

The large motorcycle cover will usually be in the range of 96" long, measured at the wheelbase, x 44" wide and 44" high.

 The ex-large motorcycle cover will usually be in the range of 114" long, measured at the wheelbase, x 44" wide and 44" high.

These are basic dimensions and you should check the exact dimensions given by any manufacturer whose cover you are considering.

CycleDome Motorcycle Full Weather proof EnclosureCredit: Amazon

If you live in harsh elements such as seaside or if you do not have good indoor storage for your bike in any climate you may find the special covers such as the CycleDome or CycleShell a perfect answer. These covers provide weather proof enclosures including a platform to keep the bike off the ground. As the above images show they are quickly set up and can be used for year around protection.

Where Ever You Coose To Buy Be Sure You Buy Right

Which ever motorcycle cover you choose you will be able to make a better investment if you spend just a little time reviewing the available models and the customer comments available at Amazon. Whether you buy from Amazon or a local retailer you will be assured that armed with your new knowledge you will choose the best cover for your situation.