An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that a person can own in their lifetime. It represents the promise between two people that they will get married and spend the rest of their lives together. Aside from love and commitment, engagement rings also show off the wearer’s personality and style preferences. For those who have classic tastes, a cushion cut engagement ring may be the perfect choice.

Elizabeth's Fake Engagement Ring Set - CZ Diamond Size 7Cushion cut engagement rings have a sort of antique flair paired with elegant style.
Despite their relatively old fashioned roots (cushion cut diamond rings became very widespread during the late 19th and early 20th century), they have resurged and become incredibly popular in modern times. In fact, you can see cushion cut engagement ring pictures sprinkled across practically every major jewelry website.

The cushion cut is either square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners and an almost puffy appearance when looked at from an angle. In fact, it was originally called a pillow cut because of its resemblance of a plump pillow. The cushion cut is a unique and stylish alternative to the other major types of stone cuts, although asscher cut engagement rings are considered by many to be derived from the cushion cut because of their similarities.

Original Star K(tm) 8mm Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring with Created Blue OpalAlthough fervently advertised, cushion cut rings can nevertheless be a challenge to find because they are not available in abundance at local jewelry stores. Many people actually choose to have their own cushion cut version created, and so they choose a loose stone to have mounted on a band of their preference. The rings can be more traditional, cushion cut solitaire engagement rings (where there is only one, central stone) or they can have multiple stones on the band. It should be noted, however, that the cushion cut generally only applies to the main stone. The smaller ones only really serve as accents stones, and these will be often be set in channels or otherwise subdued along the band so that they do not draw the eye away from the central stone.

1.15 Carat GIA Certified Cushion Cut  Shape Gorgeous Halo Style Diamond Engagement RingSpeaking of stones, cushion cut engagement rings can come in a wide variety of gems and colors. For example, cushion cut sapphire engagement rings have become more popular since prince Charles gave one to Diana for their engagement. The same ring caused another spike in both cushion cut and sapphire popularity when Diana’s son, Prince William gave it to his bride-to-be Kate Middleton. Many celebrities have also been spotted with cushion cut engagement rings on their fingers.

However, the majority of cushion cut engagement rings involve diamonds, and it is with diamonds that you will find the widest selection to choose from. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have a different radiance to them than those that are not cushion cut, and many insist that they sparkle brilliantly in certain kinds of light. In fact, older cushion cut diamonds were often referred to as “candlelight diamonds” because they were cut specifically to be most brilliant in candlelight (this was of course before lamps with electric bulbs became commonplace). Some designers work almost exclusively with diamonds. For example, jewelry designer Harry Winston offer only diamond engagement rings. As a bonus for those looking for them, many of Winston’s designs are cushion cut.

4.11ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring(119691)If you are looking for something with some personalized history attached to it, you can also search for antique cushion cut engagement rings at local antique and vintage stores and even pawn shops (provided your family does not already own any as heirlooms). Engagement and wedding rings can also sometimes be found at estate sales. That being said, interested buyers should be sure to take all of the necessary precautions when purchasing an antique or used ring in order to make sure the ring is in good, well-kept condition and is of high quality.

Now, if you don’t work in the jewelry industry you may be a little unsure of what constitutes a ring in good condition (remember that this ring, although antique, is supposed to last the length of marriage). As far as cushion cut engagement rings go, the corners around the Original Star K(tm) Large 10mm Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring with Simulated Orange Mexican Fire Opalstone should be held securely in place without distorting the stone’s shape. Basically, it should allow for a clear view of the diamond. If there are accent stones, look closely to Whenever accents are added, they are set in channels so as not to take away from the shape of the center diamond. There should never be any wiggle room on a ring.

For those who prefer to shop online, there is a variety of vendors with selections of cushion cut engagement rings to choose from. Tacori is one of these companies. Tacori cushion cut engagement rings are almost all diamonds, however, so if you are looking for other stones this may not be for you. However, Tacori has one of the best catalogs of diamond cushion cut rings. For example their Pave Engagement Rings collection comes in cushion cut in addition to other kinds of cuts. There are of course a lot of other options to choose from, such as the band type— 18k gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

Sterling Silver 5.1ct Amethyst & Diamond Accent Cushion Cut RingSome people may worry that with styles and trends constantly changing and evolving, cushion cut diamond engagement rings may not fit in well with future jewelry fashions. However, it is important to keep in mind that this same style was tremendously popular well over a century ago, and it has kept reemerging ever since. Fashion is a cycle with many styles constantly coming back, and cushion cut engagement rings are certainly no exception. While it isn’t the most popular cut for an engagement ring, it is definitely a safe bet when trying to guess what will be popular in the future. The cushion cut is therefore an excellent choice for those who are unable to make up their minds on whether they want an oval or a princess cut, since the cushion cut is basically a combination of each of these.