The Global Kindle 2 is surely the future of Handheld Ebook Readers. Not happy with just offering us a huge memory capacity so we can take our entire library with us, wherever we go, the Kindle 2 now operates wirelessly in around a hundred countries.

This means, if you are lucky enough to travel widely for pleasure or business you can take an entire bookstore with you wherever you go. Over 360,000 titles plus magazines and newspaper subscriptions mean the world really is your bookshop.

With free first chapter downloads on the majority of ebook titles available at the Kindle store you can even buy before you try. That makes owning the Global Kindle even more like browsing your favorite bookstore. Have a look around, read the first chapter of a few chosen titles and then decide which you actually fancy reading right through to the end before parting with any cash.

Browse on the beach, at the airport, in fact wherever that fabulous wireless 3G technology is currently paid for by the lovely folks at amazon. The mobile library is now here, and it fits snugly in your purse! No more dilemmas about what room you have left to pack new books, or how to find English language titles in your overseas destination. Pack one Kindle 2 Reader and take the capacity to store 1500 books in your one portable reading device.

There are still a few places where the wireless technology has yet to reach. But, that should not be too much of a problem as long as you remember to pack your USB cable too. That way you can browse the Kindle store online and buy what you fancy. Once downloaded to your PC the ebooks can then be transferred through the cable to your reader.

There is nothing simple about how the Kindle 2 was designed, or what it is capable of. But for you, the avid reader the Global Kindle brings simplicity itself to carrying around a huge bookstore ready for your perusal, plus your own personal library, wherever you are in the world.