Most people think of bicycles as something for children. At first they are just fun. Then zooming around on them graduates from entertainment to easy transportation. However, once given the keys to a car, many people forget about the bicycle as a mode of transportation. Go green and ride a bicycle is one way that you can get where you need to go and do it in a way that is healthier for the environment.


The Green Benefits of Bicycling

  • No Fuel – Filling up the tank is definitely something that can be painful in modern times. However, not only does it deplete your pocket book, it is also depleting the world's oil supply. The oil supply is something that we depend on for lots of things including plastics and building materials.
  • No Air Pollution – Driving a car is one polluting process. For every mile you travel you put out 1 pound of green house gases is released. So, for every mile you pick up your bike and ride it instead you are saving the earth from a whole pound of nasty gases.
  • No Noise – Noise pollution is one of those things that some people talk about, but it can cause you to roll your eyes. Unless you are stuck living on a busy road, most people don't consider how loud the noises their car makes really is and how loud a bunch of them together can be. None the less, by biking you are one less person adding to the noise pollution of any area you were thinking of going.
  • Saves Money – Each trip you take on your bike saves money. A lot of things that are part of going green can save you money. Here you are doing less wear and tear on your car and you are using less gas. In both cases, you save a little bit of money each time you mount up instead of climbing in the car.
  • Improves Health – Biking is also good for your health. Many people choose to bike for that reason alone. You can reduce your risks of serious health related illnesses (which saves you more money), you can enjoy life longer, and you can feel great while you are doing it.  
Go Green - Ride a Bicycle
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Where and How Can You Use a Bicycle

Before you start using a bicycle to get from place to place you should take the time to view the safest places in your city or town. You want to make sure that you ride in the safest way possible. You should brush up on bicycle safety so that you do your part to be safe on the road. Then figure out where you can go in your area. At first you might only be able to ride a couple of miles. However, over time you can make longer distanced trips!  

Bicycles Come in a Huge Variety of Options

You may think of the 10 speed you road around in high school before getting your first car when you think of bicycle, but there are a lot of options to meet all of your needs. By considering what you can use your bike for and then getting to know some of your options you can find a great option to meet those needs. 

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are designed to put you in a better physical position. They are great for people with back problems as well as a lot of other physical issues. They are also very comfortable because you are in a real seat and you aren't over top of the pedals. This makes it easier to sit on the bike and to pedal.  

Recumbent Bicycle
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Bikes With Cargo Space

More and more companies are looking at bikes as green opportunities. With that in mind, more and more companies are building bikes designed to haul stuff. Some of them have large carts attached, some have baskets to go with the bikes, and others even halve beds similar to a small truck bed. You can also get cargo trailers of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can haul groceries on up to trash cans, bricks, and larger stuff. You can also get a wide vareity of cargo options to add to your current bike including bags, baskets, and carrier racks. You can also pull a cargo trailer. 

Cargo Bicycle Options
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Family Biking Options

Biking as a family with smaller children can be harder, but it still isn't impossible. When using standard bicycles there are child bike seats, bicycle trailers, co-pilot bike trailers, tow bars, and even tandems. All of these options are available with a standard bicycle. However, if you are looking for something a bit different you can also choose options in these categories as well!  

Tandem Bicycle
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Most of us think of tricycles as something you ride before you are big enough to rid a bicycle. However, there are a lot of adult tricycles out there. Having a tricycle makes it easy to ride without worrying about balance. Again this is a great option for those who have medical conditions or who want a less stressful and easier ride. That's not all though. Tricycles also come in a lot of different styles for providing cargo space and or for providing room to carrying a child or two with you. These seats are comfortable for the child and easy on the parent.  

Adult Tricycle(91940)
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Quadricycles (or Quadracycles by some companies) come in a huge variety of options. By definition this is any four wheel bicycle. They come in a wide range of styles and again have a lot to offer. Some of them are just fun to ride and comfortable, but for the most part they are used for hauling stuff or people. You can get them so that more than one person can pedal in a car style atmosphere. In fact, the Surrey company even makes a “Surrey Limo” that holds up to 9 adults (6 doing the pedaling) and has room for two small children as well!  

Surrey Quadricycle
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Going green and doing your best to avoid leaving a large impact on the Earth can be difficult. However, one thing you can do to move in the right direction is to go green and ride a bicycle. The more you do it the easier it will get and you can make a difference for every mile you avoid driving your car. Plus it is good for you. There are also a lot of options so that you don't have to struggle to meet your needs. You can find a bicycle that will allow you to carry stuff and you can find solutions for your whole family!