The term "environmentally friendly" has become quite the buzz word in the recent years because so many consumers, conservationists and politicians are taking a stand on saving the atmosphere and environment for generations to come. While some people think it's just a trend, or maybe shoppers are really becoming aware of their carbon footprint, eco friendly products have been springing up all over the spectrum of consumer items, such as plastic, clothing, food and beverage items, and even cars. And in turn, conscious consumers are also doing their part by purchasing green products, buying from local manufacturers and shopping with reusable bags, just to name a few.

One of the greenest building products that are making waves in the environmentally conscious market is the use of bamboo as indoor and outdoor fencing. Bamboo is considered to be an environmentally friendly product largely because of its ability to grow and spread at a rapid rate. There are approximately 1,000 different types of bamboo available that grow in all climates of the world. Some grasses can grow up to four feet a day without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, or even water for that matter. A grove of bamboo can also release 35 percent more oxygen into the atmosphere that trees of similar sizes. Bamboo trees can also be replanted every seven years, rather than the average 30 to 50 years like other average trees, which helps to deter erosion and improve soil conditions.

Environmentally friendly Bamboo fencing is also becoming a preferred top seller when it comes to fence options because it is harder and more moisture resistant than other hard wood options. The fencing makes for a warm and natural feel and instantly brightens up any room. This type of fencing is mostly used outdoors to create a barrier around gardens or to accent outdoor living spaces. Bamboo also walks hand in hand with tropically themed spaces and it doesn't just have to end up luaus or tiki parties. Bamboo fencing for outdoors is long lasting and perfectly complements any outdoor space.

Bamboo fencing can also be used indoors in a variety of ways. For instance, use this fencing to create a barrier within a room as a sort of sectional. Or cut a piece and hang it in the window to act as a natural and textured curtain. Use it as a decorative piece and place the fencing behind a piece of art or posted up on a ceiling. Bamboo fencing is not only popular with homeowners who enjoy a more natural feel to their living spaces, but also those who enjoy clean lines and unique looks to their homes.

Going green is definitely been an American trend that has not only been healthy for the globe, but also fun for many people because they get to think of alternative ways to live their life normally but with the well-being of the world on their brain. Be creative with going green, whether starting on a small or large scale.