Lately there has been a movement in many of the consumer realms to buy things that have less impact on the planet. Tourism is of no exception. There has been a newer trend of incorporating nature tours and positive environmental activities among typical travel tours. This makes the traveler, vacationer or honeymooners feel even better about their experience. This is known as the broad encompassing term of ecotourism, and more specifically green travel tours.

Green travel tours try to incorporate many different positive experiences into their business while mitigating the hazards to the environment or society. For instance what some of these green travel places can do are:

  • Hire local labor to make the products or services used in their tours

  • Only visit places on the green tour that can handle the human impact

  • Mitigating all wastes and trash generated from tourists, reusing or repurposing wastes if possible (such as turning food scraps into compost for the hotel garden).

  • Reducing or try to eliminate the amount of precious resources such as oil used on the tour (this is hard to get around when it comes to flying)

  • Invest a significant amount of profits received from the green tour back into the land and people that support it.

  • Educate the green travelers and tourists about the nature around them and some of the ways they too can lessen their harmful impact on the planet.

These are just some of the benefits of green travel. Make sure that the green tour you check out actually has some of these elements. Since green travel is a trend there are many regular tour operators wanting to capitalize on it while putting up "green" photos on the web and false advertising programs that they actually don't implement. Going green takes a lot of energy and rethinking. Do some research on your green tour trip, the last thing you want to do is get swindled on your vacation time.

Green tours are just like regular tours in that they are adventurous, exciting and well-organized by the green tour operator (or should be!) However they are unique in that they are actually contributing to the earth, not simply showing it off and making money from it. Ecotourism benefits everyone who participates in them Green travel tours is definitely a great way to go next time the urge to explore an uncharted area comes to mind. Green travel tours is an option that lets people see the world while simultaneously taking care of it.