A lean to greenhouse does not differ from any other type of greenhouse in the aspect of construction and materials used to construct it. They also carry all the same positive effects on plant growth and enhancement. The greenhouse is mostly used for growth of exotic plants which is usually not able to grow in that area or accelerated growth of a number of plants in a controlled weather and moisture environment. The name does not suggest that the greenhouse needs to be constructed askew in order to lean to one side, but that the greenhouse has been uniquely designed to stand against another wall or building.

There could be several advantages and disadvantages to building a lean to greenhouse as opposed to a normal self standing greenhouse. One of the key advantages is the fact that theses greenhouses can be used to garden in a controlled environment where space is not really available as these greenhouses take up very little space due to the fact that it rests against a currently standing building. With this in mind the greenhouse can be built in front of a kitchen in such a way that the window for this kitchen opens into the greenhouse, the same can be applied in any other room in the house.

As these greenhouses are normall1y constructed from sheets that are 1 1/2 to 2 meters long, the length can be determined by how much available wall space the client has and what the main uses thereof will be. They are designed in several sizes and can be constructed from the same range of materials that are used to build other greenhouses. These materials include the three most common designs which are, glass greenhouses, aluminum greenhouses and wooden greenhouses.

The lean to greenhouse can also carry the same benefits as an indoor greenhouse in certain aspects. They have the same ability of extended plant growth periods due to the controlled environment and because they are considerably small, can also be used to plan or pre plant flowers for gardening or landscaping projects. These greenhouses are to be constructed against another building and can therefore be designed from a material which can outline or support the style and color of the house, making it more appealing to the eye.

Due to the unique design of the lean to greenhouse, it is also possible to use these greenhouses as an extra place of relaxation and can be built as an extra entertainment area. This is a healthy idea as all the growing plants inside the greenhouse are supposed to contribute to oxygen levels as well as flower endorphins that are responsible for making us happier in general.

As a result of the smaller size of a lean to greenhouse, the controlling of the environment inside is so much easier than that of a large greenhouse. The reason for this is that the lighting for such a greenhouse can be replaced by grow lights of some sort which will obviously help to enhance plant growth and control heat temperatures. Irrigation of this greenhouse should also be simpler because of the narrow design as they are mostly available in 6,6' or 8'.This means that less equipment and less effort is required than a normal greenhouse.

The extra plastic sheeting "trick" that is used in the indoor greenhouse in extreme cold conditions can also be used in these greenhouses and will deliver great results as the outside light is better in certain aspects and contains the entire spectrum of light needed by plants to grow and is therefore more effective than grow lights in general. The placement of the greenhouses is not really a factor as it is a controlled environment which can be adapted to its surroundings in order to become efficient. This means that even if the greenhouse was placed in full shade, the environment can be adapted by adding lights that enhance growth.

The greatest negative effect of the lean to greenhouse is the fact that because it is constructed against a wall, the cold from the cement makes it harder to keep warm at night and in winter times. The structure of that wall might also be impaired by the amount of moisture in the air and can lead to fungi infestations in the building and plaster, these infestations can then spread and have enormous negative effects on plants and growth.

There are several steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening. A few of the ideas for preventing this from happening is to paint the piece of wall that is occupied by the greenhouse with an oil based paint instead of a water base, this is the same type of paint that is used in bathrooms and kitchens for the same reasons. Another idea is to construct the greenhouse to be a complete enclosure (as is the case in most available for purchase) leaving no section of the wall exposed to excessive moisture. This can lead to a build up of dirt and grime between the building and the greenhouse.

There are several options of customizing the lean to greenhouse to fit the individual's wants and expectations from the greenhouse. As a result of this, there are several designs of sheeting that can be used for construction, these sheets can be purchased in standard shapes and designs or they could be custom made. One such custom made option is to have the see through sheet reduced from a full length sheet to several smaller sheets which can be placed in square frames and then be mounted together to create a sheet of the persons choice.

This also means that the bottom of the greenhouse can be enclosed with a different type of non see through sheeting such as wood or aluminum if the client so wishes. Sections of the roof may also be closed off in order to create artificial shade inside the lean to greenhouse for plants or an area of relaxation for you.