Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This father’s day, I heard a father share how he would take time out once a week, to spend some alone time with each of his three children. I thought it was awesome of him to dedicate time with his child in that way, and that led me to think: How often (since I have grown up) have I went on a date, one-on-one with each of my parents? Sure, I have done that plenty of times with friends, with guests who flew in from another country to visit, with some of my colleagues, with girlfriends, and definitely with my boyfriend; but I have not done that with my parents before.

It just struck me how the nice gestures we offer to friends and strangers, we sometimes don't extend to the people we have lived with for many years. It is really very easy to take things for granted. And yet, these are the people who have been loving us since the day we were born, whom we have spent many years with, and who have done loads of things for us. Most importantly, they are the ones who are always on our side. So, when I think of the things I can possibly do with them to shake our relationship up a bit, I got really excited. Here are some ideas adapted from what I normally do with my friends.

Some Ideas

Think about what you normally do with your friends, or girlfriend, or boyfriend, or your overseas guest:

  • You check out the newest eatery in the neighborhood
  • Ice cream dates, followed by a walk in the park
  • Watching a movie
  • Going to a concert
  • Planning a surprise
  • Getting them gifts
  • Bringing them to attractions
  • Trying new food
  • Making a picnic basket
  • Organizing a secret birthday party for

Now, INVERT that and modify that to something that you might do with mom or dad. I’m sure it would surprise them!

You can also think about the type of things that flash across your mind, like: “I wanna do that with my kids next time.”

  • Reading with them
  • Playing sports
  • Going out on one-on-one
  • Taking them to an event you like
  • Introduce them to your favorite music

I hope that helped to crank up the creativity mill in you! Remember, it is truly a blessing to have parents who love you and make sacrifices for your well-being. Furthermore, as you are getting more independent, they’re getting older; so whatever time you can spend with them now, whatever memories you can create are truly precious.