We mostly do sleep every night but most wake up like they just walked twenty miles and full of stress before the day even get's started. When you go to sleep at night your body and mind should be relaxed and the way most of us live our everyday lives does not make this a successful venture into our slumber time at night.

Most sleep disorders can be fixed with a few simple life changes - Today we have many more challenges, obstacles, and easy fixes at our disposal.

One of biggest enemies in the fight over sleep disorders is that we are not active enough - most of us slave away at a desk five or six days a week - making our butts wider and bodies slowly and quietly becoming morbidly obese. A good solid physical workout is needed daily to insure that rem sleep everyone needs. You don't have to join a gym to do this - just walk at a brisk pace for one hour before going to the office - take 30 minutes at lunch to do the same - and another hour or so when arriving home. Make it apart of your family's quality time because everyone needs it.

Food - get away from things like process sugars, processed meats and cheeses, coffee, energy drinks (they are the worst), alcohol, and beef - the more vegetables, fruits, seafood, and organic chicken you eat the better you and more relaxed you will feel. Cook only healthy recipes and stay away from eating out as much as possible. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and fight the urge to buy a soda - even the diet sodas are bad for you - they contain aspertain which create a hunger sensation to your body - defeating the purpose of being a diet drink.

Get rid of all debt as soon as possible - you will lay there tossing and turning at night if you have maxed out credit cards and a second mortgage, plus you still may owe the government for all those fine student loans back in the day. Get a hold of your finances and you can become debt free on average of 18-24 months if you apply a system like from the get out of debt guru Dave Ramsey. Just do a quick search for his name and you will the information.

Well you are now informed on how to go to sleep and get a good nights rest - It's up to you to take "Action" to have a healthier mental and physical lifestyle that will afford you to fall asleep and sawing those nocturnal logs.