American Adventure Expeditions offers many whitewater rafting trips in Colorado. They take pride in their state-of-the art rafts, their highly trained guides, and their competitive prices. In fact, American Adventure Expeditions is known as one of the best river guide companies in the Arkansas river valley specifically and throughout the state in general.

Whitewater rafting is a favorite activity in Colorado. There's nothing like joining other enthusiasts to paddle, splash, and sometimes even take a swim in one of Colorado's exciting rivers. The state offers waters at all levels, from placid beginner runs to highly challenging ones only run by experts. Whatever a rafter is looking for, Colorado probably offers it.

In addition, Colorado's warm summer temperatures make the state a great place to go whitewater rafting. It's no fun getting dumped in the river when it's cloudy and rainy, but it can feel refreshing during a hot Colorado summer.

Whitewater Raft

Travelers can take the whole family on some of the gentler rides, or leave the kids behind and take a more challenging expedition. American Adventure Expeditions offers trips on paddle boats, where everyone has a paddle, but also on oar boats, where the guides do all the paddling. Guests can choose which trip to take, based on their past experiences, their desires, and their level of comfort on the water.

In addition, American Adventure Expeditions offers special trips and pricing for groups, so travelers can enjoy the river as part of a large group. Whether the group is made up of friends, family, a church youth group, office mates, or an adventure club, American Adventure Expeditions offers several options so that travelers can choose what is best for the set of people they're planning to take on the river.

American Adventure Expeditions has a great safety record, too. Because of the high level of training they require their guides to have, their rafters have very little chance of getting injured in one of their rafts. They take safety seriously, requiring each and ever rider to wear an approved life vest and providing rafts with the latest safety features. While there's some risk involved in any adventure activity, guests are very safe when they ride with American Adventure Expeditions.

Finally, American Adventure Expeditions has two outposts, giving guests access to more river than some other companies. This allows them to offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced whitewater rafting trips, because they have access to different levels of rapids.

Photo by NWRafting, via flickr. Licensed via Creative Commons.