It is tempting to be the other woman when you know that you are loved. You feel like an original oil painting in a wink of an eye. It is easy to fall to temptation when you have been harassed emotionally for a long period of time and you wake up one day with someone extending his sweet hi and hello. It feels like your heart has not been touched in a gentle way for years.

They say be with someone who cannot even take the thought that you are crying or you are hurting. A person who can take the fact that you are suffering emotionally in pain or worst happy about it is someone who can care for you but never loves you. Caring and loving are two different things and cannot be confused with the other. He does not belong to your friend’s circle. And all the more, cannot be part of your family. And with this in mind, someone who would show genuine friendship becomes your hero in an instant. He lifts you up at once from such feeling of being an affordable art. You feel like the heaven has finally sent an angel to comfort you. And yes despite you hold on to a principle, if this person happens to be already involved in a committed relationship, you still find it tempting to just give in to love. And this is because no matter how selfless one is or how considerate she is to other people, there still remains a fraction of her desire to give herself the happiness she deserves.  Happiness comes in different forms. We feel happy for the happiness our loved one feels. We feel happy for ourselves. And many times, we have been happy for others and giving ourselves a chance to be happy is a no-sin at all. And it is tempting to give in to what our heart desires sometimes, at all cost.

To be the other woman is always being the second best. And no woman wants to be a “”next” to the first. Yet sometimes, it just feels good to be loved. But in friendship, there can be the same love, as well. And you realize why fall for being the second best when you can be the best friend—and yes, the great part is… still ranking first, still the best of original oil paintings!