When setting out your life plans or even a business plan, goal setting is one of the most important parts of the process because it provides you with a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want to achieve.

Goal setting may seem like a pretty easy process. I mean, you decide on your particular goal, one that you can measure and set a deadline for when you want it to be completed.

You then set your plan in motion and measure how well you are doing on meeting your time-frame deadline. If snags come up along the way... you can simply reevaluate your methods and change what ever you are doing so you can reach your goal on time.

When you first hear it all, goal setting sounds like a simple task. Sadly, most of the time it does not turn out to be as easy as it sounds. This is for several different reasons, but mostly because the goals we set are unrealistic.

Another problem many goal setters run into is making their goals too vague and not providing themselves with a detailed plan on how the goal will actually be accomplished. It is also hard to keep motivation through the process without getting burnt out.

When you sit down to write out your own goals, it is critical that you first realize that each and every goal you decide to set must be both realistic and something you can actually achieve, given the right amount of time and resources of course.

Lets say for example that you set a goal to earn $25,000 per month and your deadline to meet this goal was only 3 months. If you currently make $1,000 this is probably an unrealistic achievement. Something more manageable would be to set a goal to increase your monthly income by 5% or 10% each month or maybe to increase your income by $100 per month each month.

Once you have decided on a realistic goal... your next step is to take it and break it down into small bite-sized chunks that you can lay out and schedule in sequence towards completion. Before you set your deadline in stone, schedule out all the tasks and be sure to give yourself ample time to finish them all. From there you can choose your goal completion date instead of pulling a day and time out of thin air.

Depending on how far out you have scheduled the deadline for you goal, it would help you a ton if you set out weekly progress reviews for yourself so you can reassess where you are and where you need to be.

Don't make this more complicated than it needs to be. Some people can get held up spending days and weeks on the goal setting process that they never get to completing the actual goals themselves!

When you finally reach your goal take the time to celebrate, but also sit down and evaluate what made the process successful. This will help you learn from the process and will help you in establishing your next goal.

When you take the time to plan and set realistic goals... you will find both your business and your life improve dramatically in the long run.