Writing this in the last month of 2012, let’s take a look at how the year has progress and has there been any positive development for us? It’s that time of the year again where people start to talk (or tweet) about their 'New Year's Resolution' and what they'll be looking for in the upcoming year. Either losing some extra pounds, making big six figure income, buying their first home, driving a new Mercedes Benz or getting married, these are all goals set to meet desired expectation. So, when it comes to New Year’s Resolution, there is success that had been accomplish (getting married seems easy), but mostly, 8 out of 10 people seems to fail or give up every year, especially from the month of February!

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Most people already know what goal setting is, how it works, why it’s good, yada yada, crappy do da. The last thing we need is a lecture on this topic! But many still takes it for granted and misuse goal setting as a wishing well, hoping for success to drop free fall Mach 5 from the sky (Felix Baumgartner). Many fail to achieve their goals because they just write them down and hope it will automatically materialize (at times I am guilty of this too). Whatever our needs or wants, we're determined for success if this golden key is use through the right door. If we’re serious about achieving our goals, follow these 5 simple and powerful steps.

1. Develop Strategies

Good strategies will keep us on track and focused in making our goals come true. Practice developing strategies and action plan. Make sure it's achievable, simple and realistic. For example if our goal is to lose weight, set a time frame we think its logical, say "in 6 month I want to lose 20 kg". So whats our strategy plan? Easy! Develop a weekly routine schedule, list down fun healthy activities (cycling, jogging, jungle tracking, swimming) and new eating habits (more fruits and vegetables!). Get it done!

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2. Take Action! Make it Happen

Commit ourself to take at least 3 actions steps a day to help us get closer to our goals. More than 3 would be great and more than 7 is excellent! As long as there is action that produce result then it's fantastic! If we're not taking any actions then our goals will never come true no matter how long time passed. Nothing is going to happen without action. Make it Happen

3. Keep Ourselves Motivated

Every night before going to sleep, visualize the outcome achieving our desired goals. Imagine the feeling of success and joy of achievement. Try recalling your past success and how it feel with those strong emotion and feel good factor. For those planning to get their dream car, look at pictures and videos on it. Feel those leather seats interior, growling horsepower and adrenaline pumping speed. You could also take some time to drop by the sales gallery or showroom and go for a test drive.

When we do fall flat on the ground, get back up and ignite our motivational flames. Goal setting is not to give something up, but rather to obtain. Surround ourselves with things that remind us of how and why we want to achieve those goal. Feelings and emotions are effective elements. They are the key to keep us going and keep us motivated all the time. 

4. Set Sub Goals

Sub goals are also benchmark towards that main goal we aim for. Take it one step at a time and be happy each time we reach a sub goal. If we're learning to play a song on a guitar, we normally start learning the chords for the intro, then progress to verse, chorus and etc. Even if go hiking on a hill, we'll normally start from bottom and work our way up 20m at a time. So these little details are counts as sub goals. It'ss those minor features that builds success.


5. Communicate

Finally, don't forget to share our goals to our friends and family around us especially those who we really care. Surround ourselves with people who would show support and help us feel motivated just like in Point 3. Tell them our goals and ask about their's, give them too our support and care. Sometimes it might not sound like the right reason sharing our goals, but we will be more likely to follow through with something if we don't want to look like a failure to others, especially to our own self.

Good Luck and All the Best !

I wish all of you the best of luck! Thank you for reading this post and drop some feedback. Would love to hear your success story and how have you done it, so please share! I apologise for any provocative language or mistakes. Always remember, we are responsible for our own success. If we are willing to take necessary steps in achieving our goal, success will be our destiny.