The active implementation of goal setting tips can change your life.  If you find yourself feeling lost or without direction in any aspect of your life, this is for you.  Goal setting should evoke positive emotions, but in many cases, myself included, people do not know where to start.  Sure, I wanted to be successful and run a profitable business, but I had no clue how to create a solid goal path for myself to follow.  I hope that this will help those of you who are going through the same things that I was.


Let me start out by telling you a quick story about a goal that I put into place for a business that I own.  My service business was bringing in about $700 per month at the end of last year (it is March 1st now).  I set a goal for the first quarter of this year that stated “I intend to close four new sales, and add $2000 in new business, I will do this through cold calls, a direct mail marketing plan and cross sales to current customers.”  As of today, I have added 4 clients and have added $1,300 in sales to our original $700.  Business has nearly tripled!  This is concrete proof that goal setting works in a real world example.  So why don’t we see how this works.  I learned about goals from Brian Tracy in his book aptly titled "Goals."  For $10 on Amazon, it's a powerful read. I highly recommend it.

Goal Setting Tips

 The first goal-setting tip is to make the goal specific.  Specificity creates a sense of urgency simply given the fact that your focus will narrow.  If you think back to some goals that you set in the past, were they broad in nature?  Did they sound like “I want to be rich one day,” or “I want to get a Porsche one day?”  I bet they did.  And if they didn’t, then you’re better than the majority of goal setters out there today.  So let’s take a look at an example of a specific goal.  “I intend to save $50,000 by 12/31/2014, which I will use to purchase a Porsche 911.”  “I intend to reduce my credit card debt by $5,000 by 9/30/2012.”  These are specific goals.  These are solid goals. 


Now you have your specific goal in place.  Nice work.  We now have to make sure that it is measurable.  What good is a goal if you do not know if you are succeeding?  Whether your goal is weight loss, or monetary, or educational, be sure to make it measurable in nature.  For instance, your weight loss goal should not be, “I want to look good in a bathing suit by July.”  The goal measurement here is completely subjective.  What gets measured gets improved.  So make it a specific weight goal, or inches off your waist.  These things provide instant feedback to you in direct relation to your goal. 


Isn’t goal setting fun?  Now that you have a specific goal in place, you want to make sure that it is both manageable and achievable.  A goal that is missing one of these to requisite features will be useless to you.  It may even backfire and cause goal depression, of course since the goal was not realistically achievable from the start.  If you intend to save $50,000 in the next two years, but only earn $20,000 per year, then this specific goal is not likely to materialize.  Be sure to also make goals manageable.  In order to be manageable, you must have some control over the means of goal realization.  If your goal is to double your income at work in the next year, but you work for a union, you may want to choose a more manageable goal.  See how it works?


The last requirement for a good goal, is time.  The rest of the goal setting tips here are useless if your goal is based on an infinite timeline.  Studies on goal setting have proven time after time that a goal has a significantly better chance for success if a specific time frame was included.  Do not attempt to lose weight by Summer, or make more money this year.  These goals are worthless.  They are built for procrastination.  Ever notice how most brides are able to complete transform their bodies before their wedding date?  Do you think that this just happened to be the first time they’ve wanted to lose a little weight?  No way.  This was the first time that a time specific, manageable and measureable goal was placed in front of them.  It is amazing what can happen when a drop dead date is set for your goals. 


So let’s try it out.  I want you now to write down a goal that fits the above rules.  Read that goal and your plans to get there twice daily, morning and before bed.  Come back here and tell me how it went. 


Best of luck!  You can do it!