Do you set New Years resolutions every year that never seem to get accomplished? Most people like to think about making changes in their lives and making them better when the calendar flips to a new year. However if the proper goal setting technique are not used, you might as well be wishing on a star.


Since wishing on a star is probably not going to help you to change things in your life unless you live in a Disney movie, you are going to need to do some goal setting. Goal setting is the art of choosing what you want and laying out a plan to get there. The top professionals all do this and now you can too.


Step One for Goal Setting


The most important thing to remember when you are doing goal setting is to make sure that the goals that you choose have a finite finish line. This means that there is a definite point in time when you will be able to tell that you achieved what you wanted to do. For example, the idea of I want to be happier in 2012 does not have a finite finish line. You could go on forever and not realize achieving your goal because your idea of what makes you happy can change over time.


A good example of a statement that will work is, " I want to make $500 a month from Infobarrel in 2012". This is very easy to be sure that you can achieve it.


Step Two


Now that you know what you want, you need to give yourself a timeline to do it in. People in general do not work and get things done without a dead line looming over them. To be truthful, most of us work better when our backs are against the wall. It is important to be realistic with the amount of time that you give yourself, but do not be too generous.


Step Three


Divide your main statement into smaller goals. When you are doing goal setting, this is breaking your big dream down into smaller steps to get to your big dream. For example to make $500 a month, first you need to make $10 a month then $50 and so on until you reach $500. You also want to give yourself deadlines for each of these mini steps.


Step Four


Create a plan of what you need to do this month to reach your first step on your way to your main dream. Before you can run, you must first learn to walk. You can take these actions that you need to take and break them down into smaller chunks of what needs to be done each week and each month even. This will tell you the exact path to take to get what you want in life.


Step Five


Once you achieve your first small goal repeat step four for each next step until you reach your original statement. This simple wash, rinse, and repeat process can make using goal setting to achieve anything that you want in life so easy to follow.