InfoBarrel Writing Objectives

There are today many people who write for InfoBarrel (IB), a lucrative revenue sharing site on the Internet. The ones who are truly successful are the ones who have been very clear on their writing objectives on this site. This InfoBarrel guide invites everyone especially those who are already on InfoBarrel, new and old, as well as those aspiring writers out there to converge on some common well-known principles which are sometimes forgotten due to our preoccupation with writing itself.

First let’s share some common scenarios that can be observed based on member feedback. This can be summarized into five basic recurring patterns :

Note:- ‘High quality’ articles are those with high points, the maximum attainable being 100(articles are awarded points based on their quality and popularity)

1)      People write high quality articles but do not earn as well as expected

2)      People write high quality articles and earn good money

3)      People write articles not necessarily in great quantity or of the highest quality but they still earn well(which means if they were to write articles in higher quantity or quality, they would earn still more)

4)      People write a large number of articles but do not earn well

5)      People write a large number of articles and earn well

Now let’s categorize the writers’ objectives for being on InfoBarrel in general terms :

1)      A writer wants to write purely out of passion for writing

2)      A writer wants to write for passion as well as to make money

3)      A writer wants to write only to make money

If you take the second part, I think most – if not all – will agree that they want to write out of passion and make money also. It is quite easy to converge to this singular purpose for this part. Nevertheless, this singular purpose from this part does not result in a single desirable outcome from the first part above,  which can be stated as ‘people writing high quality articles, not necessarily in large numbers(i.e. it may or may not be a large number of articles) AND earning extremely well for whatever they write’.  It is obvious that this satisfies BOTH the writer and reader sides of article writing in such a site and is a fantastic result but this does not happen very often! Why? It is because we as writers lose sight of the big picture in our approach.

The Marketability of an Article

Let’s take a step back and add another definition here to enable making progress on this discussion.  Just as high quality articles result from targeting high points when we write, let’s define ‘earning good money’ as a result of marketability  of the InfoBarrel article. We can summarize the elements of a high-earning article such as follows(only to mention four but it’s not limited to these factors except that we can probably agree they are the main ones) :

1) Search Engine and Keyword Optimized for InfoBarrel Google Adsense revenue

2) Extensively Shared and Linked Organically

3) Overall content nature meets some specific and constant demand (some experienced writers can have their content fall into this category) - with or without SEO

4) Product Research - How an article is able to attract relevant, high-valued advertising to its suggested niche or product.

Making Money at InfoBarrel

Now, regardless of the factors themselves we can look at them as coming under the scope of marketability of your article. In this way, you are able to see your article as a product and as a result it will need to have demand so that people will ‘buy’ it. In this case, if it were highly marketable based on the above reasons and possibly more, we can assume for the sake of simplicity that it will appear on page one of Google search results and advertisers would be after it for the advertising space. Then and only then will the writer constantly make good money. Keep in mind that an author does not necessarily need all of the elements above to be in every article in order to achieve marketability. This, then is the big picture we must all have.

In other words, the intermediate conclusions we can make are as follows :

1)      High quality articles are not necessarily high-earning articles

2)      High-earning articles too are not necessarily of the highest quality (but it should be understandable that they would not be of unexpectedly low quality either)

3)      High quantity of articles will not necessarily earn

4)      Low quantity of articles does not mean they won’t earn well either

Take note that the ONLY common thread through all of this is marketability of your article. Regardless whether your articles are of high quality or high quantity, if they are not marketable they will not earn much. This is a much broader definition which treats your article as a product just like any other physical product as it should rightfully be, hence having to meet requirements of demand and supply. There must be a demand for your ‘supply’ in writing and conversely you must be able to supply in writing what is demanded and not something else. Without meeting this requirement, writers fail to make money though they may fuel their passion. Of course the SEO is still very important because it is the big chunk of marketability as we know it but grasping the idea of the ‘net worth’ of your article in monetary terms is the overriding big picture you must have in your mind because it covers all the important factors for it to get highly advertised upon(mainly the four elements of high-earning articles mentioned above). Just as a remark, sometimes even without SEO, the article can be highly marketable due to popularity of the author coupled with depth of content.

Post Mortem on Published Articles

Basically the problems we see or rather the reason for the laments of writers can be traced back mostly to failure to set their goals properly. Here are three often heard laments :

  • Have many published articles but not making any money sometimes for long periods
  • A large percentage of their articles were featured, but they are still not making money
  • Previously earning on numerous articles but seeing a significant drop in earnings

Let’s take a look at each one in turn to understand them better.

Firstly, it would surprise you when after churning out a couple of hundred articles suddenly you see nothing’s coming out of them in monetary terms. This has only one explanation – these articles just weren’t getting picked up in Google’s main pages due to missing any combination of the prerequisite elements above. The number of articles didn’t matter. 

Secondly, featuring your article is just a way of InfoBarrel helping writers to make quality articles get more visibility by being on the IB front page. It will get some more traffic but it does not necessarily mean it will automatically become a high-earning article though you may see some improvement in earnings for it. This is where writers’ misconception or false hope can arise. Hence featured articles are synonymous with high quality articles(not the only ones, however) but not necessarily high-earning articles, again due to the fact that it may be falling short on any number of the prerequisite elements, which in turn reduce marketable value.

Thirdly, if your articles were previously earning well it shows you had done your homework and have content with good net worth but the fact that earnings took a nosedive rings a bell saying those optimizations you have in them were time-sensitive. This is not the place to go into detail as to why they are so but it should be understandable considering even Google change their policies on search from time to time. You could potentially wait for them to pick up in the market again or you have to start a re-optimization round where you could be looking for more current keywords, for example. This is not easy especially with a large number of articles, yet if your goals were such as to place making money the highest priority on InfoBarrel, it will be in your best interests to do so.  A good strategy for it will surely help.    

Article Marketability

Many writers suffer from the reactive syndrome. They would churn out several articles in the interest of writing and then look back after a while at why they didn’t make money.  It is rather highly likely that they did not set the right goals in the first place and the key goal should have been marketability of that article they wrote. To cut a long story short here are the 4 steps you need to take for achieving the Marketability(Making Money on IB) Goal:

1)      Make the goal affirmation in no uncertain terms, e.g. :

My absolute No. 1 intention and priority for being on InfoBarrel is to make money from my articles.

This is over and above other benefits I may see like getting featured, being in a community of writers, getting visibility, networking, getting experience, advice and tips, getting a site supportive of my blog and so on.  

2)      Plan your strategy to increase your articles’ net worth. Your strategy must be based on a sound understanding of the elements of a high earning article as above.

3)      Execute your strategy according to plan with specific methods.  

4)      Check your InfoBarrel income numbers periodically and realign, i.e. make the changes necessary to past, current and future articles to be in line with a high- earning article as much as possible whenever income numbers decline significantly(as they sometimes may).

This is an article about goals and targets. It makes you understand that you need to put razor-sharp focus on making your articles sell if making money is your overriding purpose of coming onboard InfoBarrel. Hence, the strategy itself or it’s execution cannot be elaborated here. In fact, strategies and execution will vary according to individual experience, knowledge, skills, expertise, networking and investment on those various elements but these are what you will seek ultimately if making money was on your mind above all else.

Remember, the money-making goal setting is probably not for everyone. It is erroneous to believe everyone on IB wants to make money the most, as attractive as it is, since it takes a tremendous effort to keep earning big time on any revenue sharing site . Hence, people may be on IB for all sorts of reasons that are no less satisfying. Check out the following possibilities :

  • They just want to expand their presence on the Internet, already having websites and blogs elsewhere. Hence IB becomes one more good place to be.
  • They may be satisfied with incidental earnings to their articles, their main satisfaction being derived from just writing good material since it’s almost second nature to them
  • They may be making money elsewhere, online or offline making the IB presence not an all too important one for doing the same but having other benefits for them
  • They may derive enough pleasure from just having their articles featured and getting a lot of views. You do become a highly recognized writer in this way over time.
  • They may want to hone their writing skills initially and are not too worried about how much they earn.
  • They may already have a ton of their own written intellectual property just waiting to be published online and IB gives the best revenue sharing options that they don’t necessarily have to get right down to working on articles to be highly optimized for monetization or they just don’t have the time yet
  • They simply have a lot of exposure and experiences in their life that it drives them to write and IB turns out to be an appropriate forum for them

This list just goes on and on. You can think of more reasons yourself too. The bottom-line is :

Be aware which category you are in and if it identifies with what you want and you are happy, then it’s fine. Otherwise make a decision to take specific action if you REALLY wanted to make money but it’s not happening!

A Useful Metric - Earnings Per Article (EPA)

Using a metric by which to measure your performance will put things in perspective. One suggestion is take all your earnings in a month and divide by the number of articles you have published overall, i.e. total number of articles from the beginning. Say you have 10 articles published and earned $10 in a particular month then your EPA equals $1 per article. If you had set a target EPA of 1 then you would have met it. If it fell short, you will need adjustments or improved future articles. Averaging out your articles' performance in this way also gives a better indication of your overall articles' marketability - something you can work towards.

To summarize here is the goal-aligned Action Flow Diagram to help you take action on IB:

Action Flow Diagram

Take Action with Your Articles

Once more, if you think you will keep worrying about money made on your articles, you must set specific goals on your articles’ marketability and take specific actions in writing them. The results will most likely be more towards your expectations. Good luck!

At least now you will know that if you are not setting your goals and following through with them , you have no reason to complain on those article income numbers at any point in time.