Zalor is what being 'Goan by choice' is all about.

10 reasons why you must visit Zalor beach

Goa is on everybody’s visit map. For each of us Goa has meant different things at different times of our lives.

Zalor Beach is a stretch of white sands nestled in Fatrade, located between Varca and Cavelossim in South Goa. There are many reasons why Zalor is special. Here are the top 10 reasons why Zalor is what being Goan by choice is all about.

  1. Age appropriate entertainment for little People – The child is and has always been the father of man ! Most parents know it by experience – all schedules revolve around their children. The Zalor beach is ideal for the tiny pitter-patter of their feet.
  2. A drink in paradise – The tall ones can choose to nurse their favourite beverage in a near-by shack, indulge in water sports by special appointment or just watch the world go by
  3. Clean white sand – the magic of finding a starfish on the beach and the gentle waves is just ideal ! If your young ones wake-up at the crack of dawn ... the beach walk is magical. Sunsets are picture perfect and the breeze reminds of why you chose to share Goa with your family….
  4. The great big melting pot - Goa has always been about meeting new people. Traveling the world, experiencing through sharing. Don’t be surprised when Zalor allows you a long conversation with new friends, sharing their food or just collecting new stamps – the good old way !
  5. Gentle on the ears – Most city dwellers live with noise. It becomes who we are and what we are used to. Zalor is a choice – the gentler time. You can still hear the sparrows, the mynas and see peahens strutting their stuff.
  6. Party nextdoor – Zalor is plum in the middle of action and yet retains its feel of being aloof. There are many party places in nearby Colva, Cavelossim or you may just be invited to a very local Goan ‘do’ in the village. We recommend you experience the true blue local Goan experience.
  7. Epicurean paradise -  cuisine is an art form in goa and Zalor celebrates her in all her glory. May the odd Russian bilnis pancake be yours for the enjoyment. The fish is the very freshest ranging from the basic shrimp to the tiger prawns, crabs, kingfish, red-snapper, calamari, you name it this region has it. Let the sharp Goan masalas tingle your taste buds or the simplicity of the butter garlic enthrall you – tailormade to your palate.
  8. Nature in all its glory- the sea kisses the sway of the coconut trees. Fields are an endless expanse of green – never ending. The odd shepherd greets you on the meandering roads. The winding roads keep you guessing what you may find at the next corner. A cross venerated, the village church, the melodious Konkani songs. You could be in another age another time.
  9. Accommodation - well maintained gated community. The pool is pristine, inviting and hygienic maintained with great love and care. The apartment complex itself has an appointed maintenance staff that helps with the upkeep both within your holiday homes and in the complex itself. A well stocked department store has almost everything – a little drink too !! And you can get started on a lean-mean kitchen in no time.
  10. Budget Budget Budget – A home away from home, no walls just the family together. A family of friends – you near and dear one. Wives, children and even the soft toys all under one lovely goan roof. Easy on the wallet with all the luxuries that money can afford.

Sunset at Zalor

500 meters away !

Goan by choice