Goat Milk Soap

Taking a bath is an everyday activity so it tends to get overlooked by many. Some might even think that it is mundane; it is understandable though not excusable, since people get much busier and life's pace gets faster. Nevertheless it is an important activity because personal hygiene is a determinant in the overall health of a person. One cannot go to places looking like a ragged, homeless man or smelling like one who works under sweatshop conditions. Physical appearance and disposition is helped by a good bath; it enhances beauty and leaves one refreshed and ready to start a new day.

While we're talking about bath time here, we must not forget the importance of a good soap selection. Soap enables oils, dirt and toxins on the skin to loosen and eventually be removed. Simultaneously, the soap nourishes the skin with the nutrients that are packed in every bar. Some nutrients moisturize the skin, and make it softer and more elastic. Problem is that much commercial soap does the opposite: drying the skin after a short period of moisturizing. While some these soap can be healthy, these often contain artificially produced nutrients and have harsh detergents that may damage the skin. A homemade soap such as goat milk soap helps in cleansing the body while being mostly natural.

Got milk? Goat milk it is!

Goat milk is, in some parts of the world, preferred better than cow milk in certain instances from the perspective of nutrition though it only constitutes at around 2% of the world's milk supply. Both types of milk have the same nutritional value in nutrients; but the notable difference between the two is that goat milk has lower amounts of lactose in its composition. That makes goat milk a little more advantageous for use by lactose-intolerant persons. Goat milk doesn't require homogenization as the milk contains well-emulsified fat globules – these are remained suspended in the fluid rather than those of cow milk which rise to the top.

Better than the average soap

That opinion also applies during bath time; goat milk soap or commercial soap with goat milk is a better choice than regular non-goat milk soap. It is friendly to the pH level of the skin and maintains that balance due to the presence of caprylic acid. When the skin's pH level is stable, better management of the moisture level of the skin happens. Goat milk soap also contains a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and citric acid. This collection of nutrients ensures the skin to remain healthy, or better yet, become healthier. Dead skin cells slough thoroughly, enabling new cells to take place for a smoother skin.

The best advantage of goat milk soap is the presence of glycerin. In commercial soap, glycerin is stripped away from the soap to be sold separately – glycerin is an expensive commodity in industries. In goat milk soap, glycerin is present which helps in the softening of skin.

Acquiring goat milk soap

There are two options of you wanting to have goat milk soap: you have to either buy one or make one. These are available in health shops or in some farms. Prices start at $1.00 per ounce for a plain bar of soap.

The best thing about using goat milk soap, or any milk soap, is that you can utilize the available resources at your disposal, whether it is found in your home or community, such as locally produced goat milk from a nearby farm, and make yourself some goat milk soap. You can browse through lots of available recipes online or from a soap-making manual, or better yet make a custom recipe that depends on your needs, the nutrient content and other preferences. It is better that you can get the rudiments of soap-making at the nearest vocational school or learn through step-by-step tutorials from websites like eHow.com or from soap-making books in your library.

Recipes of goat milk soap typically include these ingredients: fresh goat milk, high-quality powdered goat milk, or evaporated goat milk; lye; mineral and natural oils; and essential oils for added fragrance and therapeutic benefits. Actually, there is no single, central recipe for goat milk soap; rather, you can design a recipe in line with your specifications.


Milk is one of the most nutritious food sources available. Likewise, goat milk is one of the best out there. When the time comes that you shall purchase goat milk or get some from a farm, you won't think only of a healthy drink, you'll also think of a refreshing bath. Drink it, bathe in it, and live with it.