Why do we limit God?

God beyond limitations

We always limit God, isn't it? But why? Is there a reason for that? Yes, He is a limitless spirit and we human beings tend to think within our own limits. For Him everything is possible, to create us, give life to us and give strength to us. For human beings, we can give food, clothing, shelter and things that are within the limitations of a human body. However, have we ever thought that God can go limitless because He is a Spirit!

God is the spirit of love that goes limitless all the time. We limit Him due to our poor thinking, however, we need not worry about the past, present and future too. We never know when the Spirit of Love will overtake the normal situation of our life to make things very, very and very special for us. That time we believe that God goes limitless on time and we can't even think or imagine or even believe about His power.

Why do we limit God?
 Do we think that the Holy Spirit is just like us? Well, yes, most of the time, we think that He is within you and me, however, Love is the spirit that dwells everywhere. When we walk, the Pure Love within us works and when we sleep or take rest, the True Love within us keeps on nurturing us. However, what about those who are not allowing the purity to enter in their hearts? God does not leave or forsake them either. He does not force anyone, however, He can enter even the bone marrow when we allow Him. But what about those whom we love? Does the spirit enter their heart? Yes, sure, it all happens for our sake.

I am not talking about the whole world, but, I am talking about the people who are connected by the Holy Spirit. Well, that is where God goes limitless. We cannot imagine or even think of what God has been doing in our life. All of a sudden, things change and life goes in a strange and right direction. We would have never thought about such a permanent life. Well, we humans beings always look for peace and eternal stability. We actually hate to remain unstable, isn't it?

God Beyond Expectations
God is the spirit that thinks beyond the limitations of the human beings. For example: I need $200 this month, today is 15th May 2012 and I am expecting Him to give me $2000 instead of $200 just because I want to taste God and His love. Well, we never test God because when we test Him, we really do not know the meaning of God. So, those who know the meaning of God and Love, never test Him. They taste Him. I am also one of those who had been struggling hard or say expecting to taste God in real. That zeal brought me to a new place and all the time I had been asking for peace and His taste. I know that God is the best! So I want to taste Him because I trust Him. Only those who know God can trust Him to taste Him. I do not have the fear of finding God as harmful or bitter or the worst because I KNOW that God is the best.

Most of us lack in trusting, however, even when God gives we really do not believe Him initially. Later, there is a time when we get used to this taste and we ONLY expect to TASTE GOD and nothing else. This is the time when we make Him LIMITLESS in OUR HEART. I KNOW that I will make $2000 this month, but, how I have no idea because I am not limiting God with my own thoughts. We limit our God with our own thoughts. This means that we limit ourselves with our own thoughts.

Yes, it is true that God's presence is in our PURE THINKING ONLY. You can read about this by clicking on the link in my signature. You will surely learn more about the Grace of God. God Bless You! Amen.