Recapturing the cultural initiative

The Christian market is flooded with books which claim to educate Christians on how to witness to  the “lost” people of the world. Most of these books are geared towards having Christians create a personal message which can be shared with others in order to help them see their personal need for Jesus and God. The problem as Bill Bright, states, in the first few pages of book is that while, “God . . . is the answer to every dysfunction, I face as an individual, and he is the answer to every dysfunction we face as a society,” many people in this modern materialistic world see God as irrelevant or at the least old fashioned or out of date.

As Bright shows throughout each of the successive chapters of the book, “Attempting to correct wrong behavior while ignoring a person’s underlying view of God is short-sighted and ultimately destined to fail.” miserably. Bright shows, what the church needs to do is to stop confusing the symptoms (the degradation of society) with the disease (the loss of reverence for God). Christians need to realize not every person has he same belief in God as they do may not even understand the meaning behind words like salvation, grace or other words which are part of the Christian lingo.

Bright says each Christian must see themselves as a person visiting a foreign land who cannot expect to communicate with the people of the land without first learning their language. Nor can Christians successfully witness to anyone who does not believe without first getting the person to acknowledge God as the one who has created the world and now calls its inhabitants to follow His word the Bible.

In “God is the issue,” Bright has crafted a book which, is written to the Christian who desires to bring about wholesale change within the American cultural mindset but doesn't know how to frame the right message. It is written to the person who wishes to bring God back to where He belongs, at the forefront of cultural discussions.

God Is The Issue is highly recommended reading but be warned it is not easy reading due to the content and how the book changes your view of the world. No longer will you see the world as full of people who are ready to believe every word out of your mouth, but as a people who have forgotten and need to be reminded that Christians did not create the message, they are only the bearers of the message. Bright says throughout his book that Christians are not the issue, “God is the issue,” and the one everyone must head.  

Book Review

By Bill Bright

God is the issue