Godaddy Promo Codes

Godaddy Domain Renewals

It is no doubt that is one of the most popular Internet domain registration services in use today.  I have a number of domains registered there, and you likely do too. 

If you have owned domains over the course of the last several years, you have probably noticed the price increases that have been occurring.  These increases equate to more expense for your business, and the more domains you own the larger the expense that is incurred by your annual domain renewals.

If you are like most people that own domains at Godaddy, you probably have a credit card on file with them, and your domain is set to autorenew.  Autorenewal is a great feature to keep your domain from expiring, but it can also be a costly feature to use.  When a domain renews automatically, you are charged the current domain renewal rate, which may be more costly than the original price that you paid to register your domain.  Most people are familiar with using Godaddy promo codes for initial domain registrations.  These are also referred to as Godaddy coupon codes or Godaddy discount codes. 

For initial registrations, you can often see approximate 15% discounts for new registrations.  Did you know that you can realize this same or comparable discount rate on domain renewals as well?  The trick here is to not let your domain automatically renew, which would occur at the current domain pricing with no discount reflected.  By being proactive, you can review your Godaddy account for domains that are nearing their expiration and renew multiple domains at once while applying the coupon code to that multi-domain renewal.  When these discounts are applied to multiple domains, a larger cost saving can be realized.  Those savings can in turn be applied to new domain registrations, renewing additional domains, or lowing the total expense of doing business.

Finding Godaddy promo codes is simple, and starts with a simple Google Search.  By going to Google, and searching for "Godaddy coupon" or "Godaddy promo code", tens of thousands of search results will be returned.  Look for results from websites such as, as I have had the best success with their results.  Note that many of the other resulting websites from that search may have valid coupons as well though.

You can find a variety of coupon codes that offer discounted domain renewals, a percentage off of your total purchase, or a dollar amount off of your total purchase.  Depending upon the total number of domains that you intend to renew, you will need to determine which of these coupon codes offer the best cost savings for your specific scenario.

I renewed a domain today for example, that was nearing expiration.  Had I let that domain automatically renew, I would have been charged $10.99 for that domain renewal.  The discount code that I applied allowed me to renew that domain for $7.99, which was approximately 27% cost savings for this expense. 

So consider keeping more money in the coffers of your business and increase your profits by not letting your domains automatically renew.  Take advantage of these coupons by being proactive on your domain renewals, and save a little money in these tough economic times.