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How to be Found by God's Prince

In this day and time it is not very hard to be seen with social media and cell phones, Instragram and skype.  As I imagine the woman of today and how challenging it is to be in a prosperous relationship, with divorce rates so high in America, I consider what God says in His Word: He that finds a wife, finds a good thing.  As I read that statement I thought "what does God mean by find?  You can only find something if it is hidden."  Then the light bulb went off. God does not want His princess to look for a man.   He wants her to be found. Simple as that but not simple at all or more relationship would last. First I am going to give you some insight on what God means when He says wife and secondly, there are 3 key things that a woman of God must do to remain in the right state for God to allow His prince to find her. 1. Be a wife, 2. Be focused on God, 3. Trust God and let Him shape you His princess, while He is shaping his prince.

The Unmarried Wife

In Proverbs 18:22 it is written "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Ladies you have to become a wife, have the wife mentality before your husband can see you.  God's man is looking for a wife, not just a woman in any other state.  We must consider what a wife is: defined in Merriam Webster as a married woman or a woman someone is married to.  There was one more interesting definition; a woman acting in a specified capacity. Could this be the help meet that God was talking about? This is the woman who God has for a man to be his help meet and he hers.  Are you waiting in this specified capacity? are you ready to help God's man, a man you don't even know yet, even now? 

One thing that I know from being married before and that is being a wife takes a special understanding, almost a gifting.  Once you fail at it you want to ask God why.  God will give you that special understanding, one that allows you to seek where your husband needs help and not over compensate to make sure that you stay balanced or don't fall into an emotional rut.  It is no hidden secret that in marriage you don't always see each others needs right away and sometimes there is a deep desire to ignore and let him help himself when he brings his attitude and lack of meeting you at the time. The key is to never have an anti-him attitude. You are in this thing for life.  Believe me when God sends your man He does not have a back-up for the real deal and the real deal is not even perfect.  The greatest thing that he will have is the ability to hear God and obey Him. That is how He found you. Now rest assure there is a code on how you are found because some could come and claim that he is God's man but only one man can really hear God when it comes to you and will know the right things to say. Hint; He will never stop pursuing you.


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Doing God's Business

Now why do you think God is giving you His man? It is not for you to be served. He is there to help you serve God better and you can rest assure that is in that state that he will be able to find you.  God promised. God says in Matthew 6:33  seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you.  You must be standing in a state of serving God from your heart and your life must be glorifying God. This is the ideal state of mind and being according to God.  It does not mean be down at the church all the time volunteering and spending most of your time on projects. It does mean that you must always be ready to serve and sitting in a serving state no matter where you go.  

I have seen women work in the church for years and never married. The women's hearts were not really in it. They were not doing it in pure love, or with a smile. On the other hand I have seen women profoundly blessed, being found by their husband in the church building, but I guarantee you they were being the church wherever they went. The man God has for you has eyes set to see your heart when He looks at you, if you are in a complaining or a disgruntled state that is not what he is looking for. God has wired him to be blessed just like you. the scripture even says that when he finds you, the one for him that he will obtain FAVOR from the Lord.

Quote from the article Gods' Hidden Princess

Let God Be Your Stylist

While you are waiting then you have time to allow God to be your stylist. He wants to be the one to prepare you for your husband and He knows how much time He needs.  I know it is challenging to wait but it is worth it.  God knows your perfect fit.  He knows who can minister to you and be ministered by you so that He can still have the number one spot in your life.  He created you and knows more about you than you do so trust that He also knows us all and can bring the right man to fit your life. 

Quote from the article Gods' Hidden Princess