Divine Life

Godly vs. Worldly Philosophy on Natural Talents & Gifts

Philosophy on Natural Abilities or Skills

There are loads of people in this world who has either natural GOD given talent or a gift of GOD's wisdom of intellect...whatever the gift; it all comes from the Universe.

Oh, how society dictated who's who and the public actually is swayed in accepting it as true.

Everyone in this world has either natural GOD given talent or spiritual gifts from GOD, either way all things come from and created by him and only him, not ourselves.

So, those of you who are inventors, crafters, builders, geniuses, religious leaders, entertainers in front and behind the scene, doctors, lawyers etc...There is no need to feel superior or above anyone because it all comes from GOD.

GOD grants such gifts and talents so we may teach and learn from one another. Earth’s usage is merely a tool to aid us in acquiring all life’s lessons discovered on earth by the Universe. Per Christianity Jesus was the first to Ascend while the apostles soon followed. After reaching every lesson founded on earth, we then ascend becoming spiritual Gods and Goddesses. Therefore, we become Ascended Master of the art of life on earth and in our gratitude to the Universe, in turn become teachers in spirit to human beings assisting in their life’s journey.

The Universe provided all that is needed for our life’s mission be that abundance (love, intellect, wisdom, understanding, money and time) and prosperity.  The fates of our lives are charted in heaven prior to incarnating on earth.  No matter what your faith, fame or success are not established by signing some illusionary contract with Satan to consume wealth. Satan cannot control anything not even Satan. If Satan even thinks to attempt to harm one of us, he knows the consequences are instant and extremely severe because GOD allows no one to take life.  Even in the BIBLE Satan had to ask permission to hassle Job. He also had to ask Jesus's permission to take Peter the apostle's life. In additional, the demons that named themselves Legion because they were many asked Jesus not to kill them. Due to this display of fear in God by the demons confirms Satan possess only the power human beings enable to him.

What we humans do not choose to see with our eyes or even hears with our ears is that GOD has given us more power than Satan has because we have Freewill. Here on earth we create our destiny, fate and future desires. Our natural talents and abilities are born in us once incarnated; we just have to connect with our higher self to galvanize them.

With the very grand gift of wisdom, knowledge and understand of all things, there is nothing hidden that which cannot be seen or unexplained.  The Universe must enlighten us in order to ensure the fulfillment of the main objective, wherein is our life’s lessons.  Our existence here on earth is not to dwell in darkness (not knowing) this would jeopardy incompletion of our life’s purpose and The Universe does not want us to fail. For this reason alone is why he give us everything we need to conquer the mission, just as he did for Jesus and all others before now.

This goes back to my earlier statement that no one in this earth is responsible for his/her own career, fame, success, gifts or even supernatural talents, not even your glorious master Satan, even he is powerless.

Gratitude and praise goes first to the Universe, Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters.  The spirit world assures success in our life paths.