Gogos Crazy Bones are the new playground games craze your child may be just getting into. If you have not even heard of them, I expect you soon will. To give you a bit of a head start, in this article I'm going to talk about what they are, give you details of the latest series and highlight the best toys in the range - read on to find out more!

What are they?

Gogos Crazy BonesGogo's Crazy Bones are a collectible mini game made of small plastic figures. There are hundreds of these figures that your children can collect, compare and swap with their friends. There are also a multitude of games that can be played with them. They can be rolled, caught or scored according to how they land when you throw them. Each game has a different scoring system to see who wins. The great thing about this latest craze is that each toy is quite inexpensive, even being in the pocket money bracket. A pack of three bones and three stickers will set you back about £1.

What is the latest series?

The hundreds of figures available are split over four series. They have evolved since their release and each series' figures are slightly different. To keep up with the latest set, you need series four, called Power. These include a new metallic variety. Each pack only comes with two bones now rather than the three found in previous series. It also comes with two trading cards instead of three stickers. There is a starter pack available for new fans joining the craze which includes two packs, an album to store the cards in and a game guide. If you are not new to this phenomenon, you can buy packs singly, or in 10s or 30s. Your child needs a few bones to play this game properly so the multi packs are a great option.

Which are the best toys in the range?

You obviously need a selection of bones to play the game. The best series to buy to keep up to date is series 4. Once you have the bones, you will need two things - a storage option and some books with information about the game and its characters. There is a metal storage tin available which comes with 10 exclusive Gogos. It is quite large and sturdy so should hold all of your child's collection. There is also a bag which comes with one pack of bones and this holds about 30 of the little figures. Book wise, there are sticker albums or an Official Handbook. Both include information on each of the unique characters and offer games and activities to keep your child amused for a while. The sticker album also offers a place to keep the stickers from series 1-3.

So if you are after an inexpensive but popular toy for your little one, Gogos Crazy Bones are the latest in thing. Buy them a few packets to get them started and move onto the storage and books if need be.