going away ideas

Coming up with good going away ideas, can be difficult. You don't want to burden them with bulky gifts if they are moving far, and other than a party, you are looking for something else, that little bit of something extra to remember you by right?

Below are a few going away ideas, that should send them off in style, and help to keep your long distance relationship alive, after the party is over. Keeping in touch is a lot easier now than a few years ago, with internet etc, but here are five great going away ideas to get you started.

1. Address book Find a really nice address book, and fill it with addresses, and phone numbers of friends and family and all their email addresses. This way they have everything for when they want to phone or write or drop an email. This is an especially great gift idea for the graduating student moving to another town to take a job or to do post graduate studies. This way they can call home or write. You could also include pre-stamped addressed envelopes to make it super easy to stay in touch!

2. Purchase a simple white t-shirt or sweatshirt to wear to a going away party, and get everyone to sign it in permanent marker. They can add little notes or poems or jokes. This is better than a card, and can be looked at often. Plus it is fun to have someone write something on you, and try to figure out what they wrote!

3. Tote bag. Purchase a simple plain canvas tote bag and you can take a picture of you or friends or family and from your computer print it onto a iron on sheet (you can get these at craft supply or office supply stores) Then iron on the transfer, and then get everyone to sign it, in permanent markers. This is great and useful and a great going away idea.

4. Research. Find out where they are going, and get on the internet and find out more about the area. Find out the local restaurants and theatres and any local town sports associations (especially useful if they have kids who play sports). You know your friends or family, whatever their interests are, see if you can find out more about them in the place they are moving too, and create a folder of information and phone numbers.

Once you have found out more, then you can purchase and quite often download gift certificates for the local restaurants, or a place for a manicure, or the best golf course.. whatever their interest are, you can help them out with research and information. You can also set them up for a "welcome wagon" visit, or similar association that can let them know about all the services in the area.

5. Purchase a digital frame, and load it with pictures of you together or all the friends or all the family. Going away ideas, are great if they come from the heart. These digital frames are not as expensive as they once were. They have been on the market a while now, and you can get some good deals. You can get a memory stick and fill it with lots of great pictures from your camera or computer and then they will have a constant reminder of you and the fun times. Those memory sticks can hold a lot of pictures!

Going away ideas, whether it is a great party or a special gift, are fun to come up with, and depending on the personality of your friend or family that are leaving, the above five should give you some inspiration to come up with some good going away ideas.