Going Beyond Energy Switching Sites to Save Even More Money

Using energy switching sites to compare energy suppliers and come up with the cheapest price available to suit your individual circumstances, is a great way fight back against rising energy prices. However, comparing gas and electricity prices is only one of the possibilities to consider when attempting to reduce your energy bills. Here we look at some of the other ways that you can save money.

Energy Saving Appliances

Although replacing outdated and inefficient appliances does involve some initial capital expenditure, the savings you make can be significant in the long-term. Domestic appliances do need to be replaced eventually, and the energy rating system now makes it easy to choose the highest rated appliance in terms of energy efficiency. The energy rating system rates appliances on a scale from A to G with A being the most energy efficient. This is the EU energy label and is complemented in the UK by the “Energy Saving Recommend”logo

It is actually relatively easy to set out on the path to energy saving simply by replacing light bulbs with energy efficient versions that not only use 5 times less electricity, but also last 10 times longer.

When thinking about which appliances you should replace first, it is worth considering the appliances that use the most energy. Chief among these is the fridge and the freezer. It is all too easy to plug these appliances in and then almost forget they exist as they stand there doing their job for a few years. What you need to remember is that these are the appliances in your home that are constantly on. They require power 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If they are not operating efficiently they can cost you a lot of money.

Another appliance that will return you a significant saving if you invest in an energy efficient model, is your gas boiler. Replacing any boiler over 15 years old will result in energy savings but you should consider a condensing boiler which will use between 30 and 40% less energy and pay for itself within 3 – 5 years.

Insulating Your Home

Making sure that you are not wasting energy by allowing the heat you generate to escape your home is self-evident in terms of saving you money. Making sure that you have cavity wall and loft insulation is a standard requirement when it comes to energy efficiency ratings that are part of the modern property transaction. However, there are some smaller and less expensive things you can do such as covering key holes, using draft excluders and covering unused fireplaces, that will result in significant reductions in your energy bills.

Energy Reduction Measures.

Again, these are relatively insignificant in terms of the expenditure or indeed the effort involved, and yet can save you lots of money. Turning all room thermostats down by just one degree, hot water temperatures down by 10 degrees and making use of cooler wash programmes on washing devices can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

A combination of the above measures and using energy switching sites annually to check that the price you pay per unit for your energy, can make your household budget stretch that much further especially during the winter months when energy consumption is unavoidably higher. Many of the measures mentioned are things that you can start on right away. For people below certain levels of income there is a lot of Government assistance available, even to the point of assisting with purchasing energy efficient appliances and the installation of energy creation devices like solar panels. If you are on a lower income, you would be well-advised to find out what is available and see if you qualify for assistance.


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