There some very important reasons to go green when investing in a new boiler.  High efficiency boilers use less energy and make the most heat from the fuel they’re given, so it’s ultimately better for the environment.  High efficiency boilers also translate into a more economical appliance and cost homeowners less in energy costs.  Luckily, buyers now have a great selection when it comes time to purchase a boiler.  The following companies and boilers are ideal for residential structures and are renowned for their efficient operation.

Buderus Boilers
Many homeowners trust Buderus when it comes to boilers.  For one thing, this company has been in business since 1825, so it’s safe to say they’re doing something right.  They’ve been a leader in heating technology since they came into being and many service technicians recommend this brand to their clients.  Buderus makes all of their products to operate with high efficiency rates in accordance with strict standards.  No matter what model buyers consider, they have the Buderus standard of efficiency to look forward to.

Laars Boilers
Laars is a global boiler leader and provides many heating solutions for both commercial and residential use.  The company was founded in 1948 and while they are known for this high efficiency models, they also produce streamlined boilers that feature all-in-one types of devices that are operation-friendly for many homeowners.  

Valiant Boilers
Founded in 1874, Valiant has a strong customer following for its products.  With well more than a century of experience behind them, Valiant understands how to satisfy customers with reliable equipment.  Their high efficiency models and trusted name make them serious contenders for any boiler purchase.  They are also well-known for their solar energy heaters that have become industry leaders.

Worcester Boilers
Worcester tends to receive all-star ratings when it comes to high-efficiency boilers.  Their products run at 90% efficiency or better which is an excellent track record.  UK-based, the company has been manufacturing boilers since the 1960s.  Their commitment to high-efficiency products makes them a leader in the industry.  

Viessmann Boilers
Headquartered in Canada, Viessmann has been manufacturing boilers since the 1970s.  This company has earned awards for innovation and it continues to press forward with new technologies and advances in design.  With commercial and residential boilers to choose from, buyers are guaranteed a good selection of high efficiency models from a trusted leader in the boiler industry.

There are many boiler companies worldwide, but buyers must remember that not all brands are created equal.  Since boilers should last for well beyond a decade and operate with all possible efficiency, their purchase should not be made on a whim.  Choose a product from a reputable company that backs their high efficiency models with solid technology and trusted customer service when purchasing a new boiler.