A Family on VacationCredit: Johann Jaritz

Here are some excellent, green travel tips for family vacations in 2012. Please take the time to follow them.


By their very nature, family vacations are special. They generally come just once a year and something special is usually planned. They are a time for families to renew the ties that bind. For these reasons, money is often spent unreservedly with no thought for the future. Many family members have an attitude that says, “It doesn’t matter. We’re on vacation.”

It’s a sad state of affairs because it does matter. Vacations, for a variety of reasons, should not be a time of unrelenting avarice and consumption. Instead, an attitude of moderation should be embraced.  Besides the obvious savings to mom and dad’s bank account, a laid-back, environmentally conscious vacation yields many other benefits. In addition to less stress and more communication for the family, there are benefits to the planet.



Green CitizenCredit: www.bollywoodhungama.com Travelling Green is NOT the Difficult

Travelling “green” doesn’t mean that a vacation can’t be fun, exciting and memorable. It simply means taking some time to think about the ramifications of your actions and taking some easy steps to help diminish your impact on the environment.

Here are some easy to do,  green travel  tips for families that you will hardly notice and will keep the planet cleaner and healthier, Bear then in mind when planning your trip and traveling.



Lighten Up

Does anyone like carrying heavy suitcases? There is little doubt that luggage is a hassle. Whether you are driving, flying or simply walking to your room, the less luggage you have, the better. In addition, less luggage means less fuel consumed. That fact eases the strain on your wallet and it’s just plain good for the planet. Click here are some great luggage options for lightening the load.


Lose the Car

Hiking(109824)Credit: Michael FiegleA hike or bike trip is a great way to experience the great outdoors and it is invigorating for the mind and body. A first-hand experience on a mountain bike trail or hiking a heavily wooded forest will demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, why a pristine environment is so important. For the more adventurous, a swim in a mountain lake or some rock climbing will reinvigorate the soul. You’ll have time for leisurely chatting, a good cardio workout and even some thrills if you so desire.



Campfire(109826)Credit: Dirk BeyerGo Native

Moonlight and the stars for illumination and a fire for warmth provide two of the basic necessities when you go camping and they come without a utility bill. No electricity, no lights, no modern distractions; just you, your family and the great outdoors. If you know how to fish, you can probably last a few days without running into town for supplies. It’s a great way to spend a week, is far more fun than many realize and makes you and your family appreciate the conveniences of modern life.


Use Mass Transit

tgvCredit: David MonniauxLe Metro in Paris and the subways of New York City share at least one thing in common. They offer a magnificent insight ito the hearts and minds of the residents of those two great cities. A similar experience can be had, in any city around the world, by using their mass transit systems.

The trip, itself, can also be exciting, as anyone who has taken the commuter hovercraft that crosses the English Channel will tell you and the a round trip rise on the Staten Island fery in N.Y.C.. offers a spectacular and little seen - by tourists - view of the Big Apple.

There is simply no better place to immerse yourself in the local flavor than on public transportation. The rich and the poor, the local and the foreign, all commingle on the bus or train. You’ll see a side of the city that no tour group or taxicab can show you.



Eco ProjectBuy Local

In the same vein, take the time to visit local markets. Examine the work of local artists, try the produce of nearby farmers and sample the culinary delights of roadside restaurants and carts outside of the traditional tourist areas. You’ll help sustain the independent farmers and artisans and, by buying local, you cut down on the environmental transportation costs and do the planet a significant favor as well.


Reduce & Reuse

Reccycle LogoCredit: OffiikartJust because something is free to you doesn’t mean there is no cost to the planet. The production and disposal of garbage is a problem for every country in the world from the least developed to the most. So, don’t just toss those pamphlets away when you are done with them. If you have no more immediate use for them, return them to the display rack.

The same concept applies to anything you use. A conscious effort to consume less will have a significant impact on the amount of garbage produced. The less garbage produced means fewer landfills, fewer contaminants released into the air and less pollution of our drinking water.



People wavingCredit: lumaxartConsider Your Neighbors

One of the most important going green tips is to remember that the Earth is an integrated biological system. This fact is most elegantly pointed out by the “butterfly effect.” Your actions on the far side of the plant will eventually have ramifications in your home town.

So, the recycling habits learned at home should not be casually disregarded while on vacation. Continue to ask for biodegradable paper bags instead of plastic ones. Better yet, since most purchases on vacation are for only one or two items, take no bag at all. Follow the local recycling laws and sort plastic, glass and paper. Don’t be mistaken, even the smallest beach and ski communities have recycling programs.


Most Importantly, Think

Environment plusCredit: Travel plannerThe human race has been blessed with the ability to significantly affect its environment. Whether it is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen. Nevertheless, a sensible approach to vacation planning and travel can help diminish the effects that humans have on the planet.

No list of green travel tips for families is complete without the warning to think about these effects. Your every breath releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While this process is part of the natural order, many things we do are not. Take the time to consider all your options before doing anything and always choose the eco-friendly route. Your vacation will still be everything that you desire but you, your family and the planet will be far better off. With these Excellent Travel Tips for Green Family Vacations in 2012, you can make a difference.