Eco-friendly interior design has been a growing industry trend in the past few years. As the general population grows more and more aware of pressing environmental issues, the demand for green businesses has risen. Interior design is all about creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Meeting these two requirements and being environmentally friendly is not as hard as it might seem.

Interior renovations often require that we use up a lot raw materials and energy in the form of furniture, fixtures and appliances. But if we are careful to shop for eco-friendly products when preparing for an interior design project, we can easily reduce the impact that a room's design has on the environment. Here are a few helpful tips on green interior design.

Lighting and appliances
Replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LED lights is common practice in many of today's commercial interior renovations. LEDs save money and are much more energy efficient than old fluorescents. When purchasing new electrical appliances, look for certified green brands that reduce the amount of energy a room consumes.

Bamboo shelves
Instead of traditional wood furniture, try out bamboo furniture. Shelves and cabinets made of bamboo can add an air of lightness to a room and look great in work spaces. Bamboo is one of the most easily renewable resources and it is biodegradable.

Use recycled metal and glass products
Metal and glass are two materials that can be used and reused over and over without losing the quality of the core material. So when you are discarding old fixtures and furniture for an interior design project, recycle the glass and metal and try to buy from companies that use recycled materials.

Paint Green
Use biodegradable paint that contains no solvents or environmentally harmful toxins. You can find this paint easily if you look for the label, and it is as effective as regular paint. Just another, simple way to go green without sacrificing quality or style.

Purchase Local
Purchase wood and other raw materials for indoor renovations from local companies. This way, you can support local industry and help eliminate the environmental effects of long-distance transportation of raw materials. Look for the Forestry Stewardship Council symbol when buying wood, to ensure you are supporting a manufacturer who doesn't contribute to deforestation of endangered habitats

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