In this article I will attempt to explain a method for making money online that nearly anyone can get involved with. It's sort of a half-breed between earning money online and earning offline. If you're ready to put in the original hard work to get the system going, you can finally hire someone to handle the daily tasks while you get the profits.

There are numerous methods to make use of this methodology. I will give you a general strategy that you can evolve in a way that can work for you. The grounds is to make a website for any city of your choosing. Then, you create pages on the site that you finally will get someone to sponsor. In general, the sponsor will be a local enterprise or individual that gives a service in the local city.

To get started you'll pick an industry, for example 'carpet cleaning'. Head to Google's External Keyword Tool and type in 'carpet cleaning' to generate words and phrases that folk use in the search engines that are similar. I'm making a guess but you may doubtless generate a listing of phrases such as : 'rug cleaning', 'cleaning carpets', 'carpet cleaners', 'carpet cleaning service', for example.

Put the list in a text file, 1 keyword on each line. Now you need to generate a list of words that relate to your target town. Just use your head for this one if you know anything about the town. This list you'll be using all of the time so keep it handy. Here's an example list for the city Detroit : 'detroit', 'detroit mi', 'detroit michigan','detroit usa', 'detroit michigan usa, and the like. Then think of some landmarks, maybe : 'ambassador bridge', 'renaissance center', etc .

Now you need to join the keywords from each list together. You will want to form new longer tail keywords with your city words in front of your industry words, as well as behind them. Getting a cheap keyword pairing script would help here. You will end up with a list like: 'rug cleaning detroit', 'detroit rug cleaning', 'rug cleaner detroit mi', for example.

Now, you need to have an article written, or write one yourself, about carpet cleaning in general. Put it on a page on your website. Also, you'll need to use the Google Tool again and put in your newly created list, the one with the words merged, and see which word out of them all is searched most. Use that word to optimize the carpet cleaning page on your website. Now you want to do some blog content syndication and other link building to push traffic to that page. Install analytics software to see which words are bringing traffic to the page.

When you see the traffic coming in, and folks are using city plus industry related keyphrases mixed then you have an asset that people will pay to run adverts on. Keep building pages, keep promoting them, keep getting advertisers. Best of luck.