Elk come from an herbivorous species of deer that range in forest areas. It is the largest of its kind and is mostly prized for its meat and skin. Compared to the regular bovine meats, elk meat has higher protein content. This is precisely why they are among those traditionally hunted as game.

Hunting elk for the first time can be tricky when done alone. Having a proficient guide during an elk hunt can be quite useful in avoiding certain unpleasantness. Without a guide, novices can mar their initial experience to elk hunting by doing the wrong thing (e.g., accidentally spooking the elk, or angering a bull and causing it to charge). There is also the matter of correctly picking and handling rifles for the occasion.

It is common practice to know about the prey before going on a hunt. Elk have many facets that a starting hunter needs to explore. For instance, it is possible to tell if an elk is old by its coat. The older ones have lighter coats with an almost faded quality to them, while younger bulls have shinier and darker coats. Elk (26211)The size of the head and the muzzle can also signify which elk is more mature. The rule of thumb here is, the bigger the head and the muzzle, the more mature the bull.

As for the gun, the conditions to which the elk hunt will be made should be considered (e.g., if the hunter is going on foot, the size of the game, the weight of the rifle, and the bolt action). The first shot is always the best one because it holds the element of surprise. Once the elk is aware of the danger, it will run away, making it more difficult to pin down. A .270 Winchester rifle is great for beginners because it is lighter and easier to handle. More seasoned hunters prefer the .30-06 Springfield rifle because of its firing power, which is enough to take on a large elk.

As with all outdoor adventures, it is crucial to do the necessary research and consult experts to avoid wasting money on the wrong gear. Elk hunting could be a lot of fun when done right. It also adds to a list of survival skills that can be helpful in the future.