Kawasaki Ninja 650RNarrower than the four cylinder bikes due to the Kawasaki Ninja 650R having a twin cylinder parallel engine. The designers of the bike have engineered that the centre of gravity low with an ingenious design of the motorcycle. The low seat height is a advantage to the shorter riders that are able to get the feet to the floor more easily. The rear shock was laid down and to one side of the battery compartment, a neat design element to lower the seat height a bit more. With the rider sitting lower on the bike there is better handling as a result. It is like you are sitting within the bike instead of being perched on top of the bike. Rider and motorcycle become one, is the feeling you get with the Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Keeping the bike clean.

With the Kawasaki Ninja 650R you get a fuel infected sports tourer for the easy going riding comfort. The engine has a 180 degree crankshaft driven balancer shaft. That is what stops the twin engine suffering from excessive vibration and falling apart over time. There are throttle valves in the fuel injection system and it is expertly controlled by the ECU system. Mounted inside the fuel tank is a light weight fuel pump keeping with the overall compact design of the motorcycle.

The bike has the typically sporty, verging on aggressive lines, that you would expect from a Ninja style bike from Kawasaki. To get the air flow from the front of the bike over the rider in order to make it more comfortable, there is a lip at the top of the windscreen. It always bugs me when I am riding a motorbike and you get to a certain speed and the helmet wants to pull your head off. That is why I like to see a fairing on a bike even if it is only a small one. There is a dual headlight system at the front, always great to have a motorbike with good lighting for the trips out at night time. A good charging system for the battery though will mean that you don't have to use the motorcycle battery charger too often.

Seeing as it has a lightweight engine and the entire bike is in fact lightweight the Kawasaki Ninja 650r top speed is good for the size of the engine. You can put a couple of sandwiches or maybe an apple in the storage space under the riders seat, just in case you are peckish out on the road. Probably better to use the space to keep a lock like the one you can put on a drilled or slotted brake disk.

As well as ebony black and metallic island blue colours you can get the Kawasaki Candy lime green. The Kawasaki Ninja 650r has slightly altered options for the European Motorcyclists . If you want you can get one without a fairing the n of the ER-6n meaning naked and the ER-6f for the faired bike. Working on the bike will be more effective if you have a motorcycle lift table.

The braking system has on the front dual 300 mm Petal Disk with 2-Piston Callipers. There is a single petal disc 22 cms petal disk and calliper. Give all the braking you need out on the road. Based on the Kawasaki Ninja 650R is the Versys. The bike's 650 cc liquid cooled 4-stroke parallel twin engine has been given a retune. Resulting in better power at the lower and mid range.