Going on a Kenya Safari for the First Time

A Kenya safari vacation is perfect for those first time safari goers due to its sheer diversity in terms of wildlife and scenery. One of the most common questions for the first time safari traveller is where to go in Africa and it's important to know that all countries are different and have their own distinct character. Kenya is an easily accessible country and has an excellent tourist infrastructure, hence why it is well suited for first time safari enthusiasts and families. The game reserves and parks in Kenya are amongst the best in Africa offering outstanding game viewing opportunities. Wildlife photographers and documentary film makers flock to the country to capture these sights and you'll get the opportunity to take their place on your Kenya safari. You'll also be amazed at the quality of the safari lodges and camps in Kenya. Blending naturally into their surroundings, the lodges available ooze luxury with large living spaces, en suite bathrooms and even your own pool, not to mention a private veranda with spectacular views across the African plains.

National Parks to Visit in Kenya

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is perhaps the most famous of all wildlife reserves in Africa, with breath-taking views and incredible game viewing; it's a truly magical setting, however there are plenty more awaiting to give you the Kenya safari experience of a lifetime. The Aberdare National Park is located 90 miles north of Nairobi and covers a variety of terrain rising to 4300 meters above sea level. The impressive landscape comprises of tall mountain peaks, deep valleys, fast flowing rivers and beautiful rainforests, opening up a number of habitats to a diverse wildlife. Baboon, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard can all be seen here as well as the endangered black rhino. The Samburu National Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewao Ngiro River in the Rift Valley Province and is well known for its rolling hills and extensive savannah. The dry lands make it the perfect setting for a Kenya safari as it attracts giraffe, waterbuck, buffalo and zebra as well as lion, cheetah and leopard. Over 450 species of bird can be found here too including the Palm Nut Vulture and the Vinaceous Dove. The Tsavo National Park is the largest in Kenya and due to its size it has been split into two - Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Tsavo East is famous for its large elephant numbers and herds of buffalo. Tsavo West is covered in volcanic cones and rocky outcrops carpeted in long grass and bushes which can make game viewing a little trickier but the big five are bound to be seen. 

A Kenya Safari to the Kenya Coast

Whether you're travelling with your partner or the family, time spent on a Kenya safari can be combined with a beach vacation on The Kenya Coast. Along the Indian Ocean coastline you'll find footprint free sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters where you can choose to simply relax and enjoy a good book or indulge in a range of water based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. With hidden coves and private areas, the beaches here are uncrowded and untouched - you'll almost feel you have the entire Kenya coast to yourselves! One of the most beautiful gems on the Coast is Lamu Island, Kenya's oldest living town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island is a peaceful place and a great place for honeymooners and older families looking to relax after the thrill of a Kenya safari.