Making Money Online Writing

This is the first earnings report I've done in a while because I haven't written as much as I'd like to recently and because earnings have been somewhat slow. Since I've gotten back on the wagon and written a bunch this month, and because of good earnings recently from InfoBarrel,  I thought it would be right to start doing these again.

This month I wrote 13 articles total and I got a couple more featured, bringing my total feature count to 10! My original goal at the start of the month was to try and win the November writing contest, but I soon learned that there are a couple of people who would be really, really hard to beat - the leader right now has 305 points! (You get 5 points for writing a 1,000 word article). I didn't think it was worth the time because I feel like I would have been writing just to write, and not writing good articles.

I wrote a couple of articles this month that I think will do very well. First, Fast and Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium. Although this has been written about before numerous times, I think I offered some useful tips and hope that it goes viral.

Secondly, Best Christmas Gifts for Men Over 65.  I think people want to know what to get their Dad's/Grandpa's this Christmas and I gave a couple of suggestions I hope were useful.

This month I started writing on Bubblews, which has proven to be a very easy way to make a quick buck. However, I'm noticing there are a ton of site issues. It's currently down.

I had one of my best months on Adsense, with the last two days being outstanding in particular ($15 these last two days alone!). Unfortunately I haven't figured out yet how to view performance for individual articles on Adsense. If anyone can help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know what articles are doing well and which are not.

November Earnings

Adsense: $26.49

Amazon: $.50

Squidoo: $0

Bubblews: $7.80

RedGage: $1.87

Total Earnings:  $36.66.

This was the best month I've had so far doing this as I started about 10 months ago. My goals for December and January are to write at least 20 more articles on InfoBarrel and keep writing on Bubblews and uploading stuff to RedGage. I definitely need to work on getting my Amazon income up, it has been mostly dead for me. The problem is the best writing I do is on personal finance/money and it doesn't seem like there are many products to sell for that except books and software?

I posted in the forums that for newcomers, I think the focus should just be on writing and not on making too much money to begin with. I don't look at this as a part-time job, rather I look at this as I would a dividend check - it's a check every month for doing little to no work and it's a nice side stream of income!

Anyway for December If I even came close to this November total I think I would be happy. My 2013 goals would be to average $100 a month without putting too much work in! After all, this is called "passive" income... :-). Thanks for reading my November 2012 InfoBarrel earnings report!