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Gold Demand Improvement Worldwide

With the dollar’s declining value, a search for an alternative to this fiat currency continues. Precious metals such as gold and silver are among those which are considered as potential replacements to the paper currency. This idea is solidified by increasing gold demand trends with remarkable results based on statistics over the past few years .

In the past decade, gold demand was recorded at its highest peak in measurement based on tons. This need was found on all sectors of society particularly industries wherewith it is used. Gold is applicable in dentistry and medicine, in mints for coinage purposes, in jewelry, arts and architecture for its aesthetic value, in computers, electronic equipments, and space flights for conductivity.

By the end of 2010, the gold market was valued at approximately $150 billion. It registered a 38% increase from the previous year. The demand was also measured at 3,812.2 tonnes. Tonne which is also called metric tonne is equivalent to 1000 kg. or 2.2 lbs. in weight.

Due to a remarkable global gold demand found, predictions for the next few years are also fair for the gold industry in general. The World Gold Council had been providing monthly updates for gold’s standing in the trade market. Its Gold Demand Trends or GDT is a world trusted database for gold related information. The Gold Demand Statistics or GDS compares statistics gathered from previous years or months to the most recent, current gold status.

Buy and Sell Gold

Buying and selling gold had become a popular investment. Gold is proven to be one of the least affected by inflation. Marcus Grubb, the World Gold Council Director of Investment believes that even the Central Bank demand for gold is expected to rise in the coming years.

Gold investments had been distributed in various forms such as jewelry, bullion of bars and coins, as well as exchange traded funds or ETF’s and other types of bonds, stocks, and funds.

Gold Demand - Jewelry

Jewelry demand rose to over 17% from 2009 to 2010 with 51% of its total shares held by Asian countries particularly China and India. In metric tonnes, it was recorded to have improved from a 1760.3 in tonnes for 2009 to a 2059.6 tonnes for 2010. Overall value was at $81 billion.

India Gold Shares

India held the highest in gold market share at an estimated value of $38 billion. In tonnes, it was recorded at 963.1 tonnes. These numerical statistics were due to a 66% increase from the 2009 registered turn out. China on the other hand, held a 70% increase which was valued at $7 billion and 179.9 metric tonnes.

Overall Gold Demand Improvement Worldwide

ETF exchange traded funds, gold bars, coins, and all other related investment forms had increased up to 23% in value. In U.S. dollars, it was recorded at $52 billion for 2010 from an original $43 billion for 2009.Physical gold demand trends on the other hand such as bullion of bars and coins on a separate measurement earned a 56% increase in value at a demand of 713.2 tonnes upon measurement. ETF’s ended up at 2,175 tonnes in mass weight demand with a monetary value of $96 billion.

At this rate, the future of gold can be expected to improve all the more. This is advantageous to the global economy in general with small and large scale investors also benefitting from investing in gold and its various forms.