Today, 80% of the U.S. gold bullion on hand is now comprised of Gold Eagle Bullion coins, which were sanctioned under the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. American Gold Eagles are available in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz denominations, with each coin's declared gold weight in troy ounces warranted by the United States government. Based on their rarity, assorted sizes of Gold Eagles may become important to collectors in the coming years. As evidenced by the demand for the extremely rare low-mintage half- and quarter-ounce Gold Eagles from the early 1990's, collectors have already shown an acute interest in completing their coin sets dating back to 1986.

The Gold Eagle Coin uses gold of American origin only, along with an additional alloy of silver and copper, producing a durable, wear-resistant coin made of .9167 22 karat gold. It's weight and content are sanctioned by the United States Mint and approved by the United States Congress.

Volatility in today's questionable "traditional investments", have recently caused American individual investors to be drawn to the stability of the Gold Eagle market. Fear caused by reckless banking and trading practices, years of manipulated interest rates, and the overprinting of U.S. currency, has caused investors to turn away from the economic disaster of dollar-backed investment. Investors, tired of waiting for the promise of economic reform, look to the Gold Eagle market as the perfect, safe shelter for their long-term financial security.

Experts expect an encouraging outcome in the precious metal market, due to continued growth in investor interest, making Gold Eagle Coins a potentially prudent investment for informed investors. With economists forcasting more stock market fluctuation this summer and fall, many gold buyers feel that their future should be secured today. Gold Eagle Coins are regarded as a safe and secure method of adding physical gold to your investment portfolio and help to minimize your risk during periods of economic turbulance with American Gold Eagles, respected around the gold as a premiere gold bullion coin.

Unlike other gold bullion options, American Gold Eagle Bullion coins are non-reportable to the government by coin brokers. They offer the purchaser financial privacy along with the trusted security of gold, which has long been one of our most trusted assets.