You can spend a lot of money on buying gold prospecting equipment such as gold dredges and gold detectors, but unless you have a healthy budget things can get pretty expensive quickly. One of the best ways to get involved in looking for gold is to simply use an old fashioned gold pan.

The simple gold pan is one of the oldest prospecting tools, yet is still widely used. The gold pan is not limited to the recreational gold seeker; many commercial setups consistently use gold pans. There are numerous types of gold pans you can buy, but the basic shape and model is pretty much the same with only a few differences.

Gold Pan Sizing

Gold pans come in various sizes. Some of the most common sizing of gold pans are 9”, 10 ½”, 12”, and 14” diameter pans. Many people new to gold panning automatically seek out the largest gold pan they can buy. Large pans have some benefits over smaller pans, but the smaller pans may be more of what you desire in a gold pan.

A smaller gold pan will allow you to not get as tired when swishing the pan around. A larger gold pan also will not take as much time to clear out the non-gold material. A smaller pan is often the best choice for beginners as it is easier to use as compared to a large gold pan.

Gold Pan Colors

Gold pans come in a wide variety of colors, but the color availability will be limited to maybe only one or two of the more common colors if you buy your gold pan locally. The color of the gold pan should make it easy for any gold flakes or nuggets in the pan to standout against the background color of the pan

Panning for Gold(54150)Credit: Flickr/deltaMike

Gold Pan Shape

There are numerous shapes of gold pans available including a hexagonal shaped pan. If you are a beginner and will only be carrying one pan then make sure it is the traditional round pan with the riffles on the inside edge.

There are gold pans designed solely as a finishing pan, but when prospecting you need the round gold pan. You can buy cheap gold pans online.

When purchasing a gold pan you may want to get an extra pan or two. Panning for gold can be a fun activity for your entire family.

More than likely you will not get rich panning for gold, but it is cheap entertainment. You can buy a cheap gold pan and spend hours looking for tiny flakes of gold. If you do not have a knowledgeable gold panning expert to teach you how to properly use a gold pan then you can turn to YouTube. YouTube has numerous instructional videos available that will teach you how to pan for gold.

Although you may not find gold nuggets, the thrill of the hunt can be very overwhelming even when you just find the occasional gold flake. Buy a gold pan, learn how to use it, and then head out camping and find some fun.