Pendant Necklaces might be simple, and not the most original gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife. However, women love to feel luxurious in beautiful gold pendant necklaces. Who are we to get in the way with what women really want? It's really not a matter of how expensive gold pendant necklaces for women are. There are plenty of reasonable priced pendant necklaces that look quite exquisite for women, and they don't cost thousands of dollars. If you shop online you'll get the very best deals and find the largest discounts going for jewelry. Especially if you're shopping around the holiday season for something nice and respectable. Down below are some of the recommended gold pendant necklaces for women. If you don't like what you find, then I got some recommended places to shop online.

14K Gold Pendants for Women

Gold Pendant Necklace Hearts - If you're not looking to spend a lot money on gold pendant necklaces for women, then online at sears the Sg Lab Created Rudy and Diamond Accent Heart Pendant in 14K Gold & Sterling Silver doesn't cost more than $100 dollars. It's going for sale as well. A pretty nice 14 gold pendant to get for Valentines Day, Christmas, or for your anniversary. A heart shaped emerald is featured as well. 14k yellow gold and sterling silver frames shapes the heart necklace. The ruby stone looks good on ladies.

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Heart

KC Designs "Peace and Love" 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace, 16"
Amazon Price: $650.00 $354.02 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2013)

Three Stone Diamond Gold Pendants - Anytime you find jewelry featuring three stone diamond on a pendant, its going to cost a little bit of money. The Diamond Three Stone Pendant in 14K Gold 1/2 CT is a beautiful looking piece of jewelry. Prices are going for under a thousand, so it can still be within your budget if you don't mind spending extra money. The three stone diamonds speak for themselves. All women love to look good in diamonds. The pendant chain features 14 karats of yellow gold. It's going for sale online for a discount price at zales.

Diamond 3-Stone Pendant 14k Yellow Gold

1/2 ct. tw. DIamond Sirena 3-Stone Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold
Amazon Price: $2,195.00 $878.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2013)

18K Gold Necklace Pendants for Women

Diamond - One of the more beautiful looking gold pendant necklaces for women is being sold online at amazon. The Opal & Diamond Necklace/Pendant 3 Opals Micropave 18K White Gold is quite the luxurious looking gold necklace pendant for women to wear. This is a very expensive piece of jewelry. White gold is featured, with a beautiful opal gem. It's going for sale for a large discount price though. It still costs three thousand dollars, but at retail it goes for six thousand dollars.

Opal & Diamond Necklace/Pendant 3 Opals Micropave 18K White Gold

Opal & Diamond Necklace/Pendant 3 Opals Micropave 18K White Gold
Amazon Price: $6,000.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2013)

Yellow Gold - A really unique 18k Italian Yellow Gold Diamond Purse Pendant is something a bit different to get your wife or girlfriend. You can get this gift for any woman really. The chain is made in 18 karats of yellow gold, along with an 18 karat crafted purse. The pendant is Italian designed and its very durable. It's going for sale online for prices under a thousand dollars.

18k Yellow Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace

White Gold - It might not be the most unique white 18k gold necklace pendant, but it's still pretty expensive and made with fine quality. The 18K White Gold Necklace and Pendant featuring an 11-11.5 Cultured Tahtian Pear and Diamond costs just under a thousand dollars online at It's a bit simple in style, but eloquent looking for women. You can checkout more pieces of jewelry on, they got a quite a collection going for sale.

18k White Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Sapphire - Sapphire gold pendant necklaces for women are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for women to wear. Online at overstock, the 18k Gold Sapphire and 1/2 TDW Diamond Necklace is going for sale for prices slightly over seven hundred dollars. It features a chandelier design in white gold, with sparkling blue sapphires. Overstock has a collection of other gold pendant necklaces for women featuring diamond and sapphire going for sale. If you don't like this piece of jewelry, then overstock has quite a few other similar sapphire pendant necklaces in their inventory.

Other places to shop - Amazon is the first place I'd probably checkout for gold pendant necklaces for women. Some of the recommended, and high quality pendants to buy for low prices is the Paw Print Necklace Small Paw Pendant 18k Gold for dog lovers, a really cute pendant for both men and women. Other ones include Sara Blaine 18k Gold 16" Wrapped Link Necklace with Sterling Silver, Micro Pave Label Created Diamond 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver, and the 18K White Gold Alphabet Initial I Diamond Pendant Necklace. Amazon has expensive, cheap, yellow gold, white gold, and plenty of other good looking pendants being sold on their website for discount prices. You can also checkout and overstock for good deals as well.