Gold Rimmed WIne Glasses

 What Are Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses


Gold rimmed wine glasses can be used for a variety of occasions.  Everything from weddings, to romantic evenings in along can benefit from an extra touch of class that only gold rimmed wine glasses can provide.  Fine china has always been seen as a sign of class only reserved for the most special occasions or the opulent affairs.  Tuxedos, floor length gowns, impeccable service and delicious multi-course meals often come to mind when thinking of gold rimmed wine glasses.  Although quite easy to purchase nowadays, gold rimmed wine glasses still reserve a distinction of class that is sure to surprise and impress friends, family and guests.

Uses For Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses

Whether you choose to treat a small selection of your bridal party, or reserve the privilege of using gold rimmed wine glasses to only the bride and groom, both circumstances will make any wedding reception even more special and memorable.  They can also often to provided to the Bride, Groom, best man, and maid of honor to signify a special bond between the group when it comes time for the official toasts.  Toasts made with gold rimmed wine glasses are even more memorable for years to come when given as wedding favors. You will be reminded for decades into a beautiful marriage of the vows and toasts you received on the most important day of your relationship.  

Gold rimmed glasses aren’t just limited to use at weddings, however.  Any occasion which signifies a special moment in time that you would like to separate from other events can be reserved for the use of your fine stemware.  Or perhaps, you choose to use your pieces anytime you have a dinner party in which you would like to set the mood of the evening to something more elegant than usual.  

How To Clean Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses

As with any fine dishware, properly caring for your glasses may require more delicate cleaning procedures in order to maintain the quality and beauty of the piece.  Since they are only used for special occasions, cleaning gold rimmed glasses should not become too laborious of a chore.  Here are a few tips to make sure you preserve your investement.
  • Only clean one glass at a time.  Submerged in water you may accidentally chip, scratch, or mare the finish of the gold or glass itself.  
  • Place a towel in the bottom of the sink so as not to risk chipping the gold rim on the drain.  
  • Use warm water and a mild detergent, and take special care to clean the rim thoroughly.  Food, grease, or even lipstick on the gold plating can dull the finish if left for extended periods of time.  
  • Dry immediately after washing the gold rimmed wine glasses.  Do not allow to air dry, or risk tarnishing of the gold which will not be easily buffed out.  
Knowing how to properly care for your investment will ensure you get years of use out of it.  Doing so will keep your gold rimmed wine glasses adding  a spice of class to almost any event.