gold silver bullion great investments ?

In this article I will give you 3 great reason why gold silver bullion are great investments.

1)Pensions are a bad investment
2)Financial Markets unpredictable
3)inflation soon to become hyperinflation

Gold and silver bullion are great investments for a early pension:
Pensions are a bad investment and if you rely on them to be your bread and butter once you retire you will be in for a big surprise, if you think you will have enough to live on, go on holidays to nice places, help the family out and give to charity, think again, in the UK once you retire this is the amount your receive from the state.

£130 a week if you're single
£198.45 a week if you're a couple

Wow and if you are one of those prepared individuals you could of planned a company pension before hand. But and I say a big BUT; ask yourself this in-today economy would your final salary be match with the current economic inflation? and lets not talk about how you will get tax for the income you get from your state and private pension too.
Gold silver bullion does better when inflation goes up; A guarantee world knows fact is that inflation will go up regardless of how much money the government puts into the economy. Experts like Robert Kawasaki and Michael Maloney predicts that the US will go through a hyper inflation, if this happens and I believe it will, no doubt this will effect UK and cause our inflation to go up .
If you don't believe me regarding what happens in America correlates to what happens in UK , look at the recent depression it started in US then came to UK, now more recently look at the weakening of the dollar, and now look at the weakening of the pound sterling.

Gold silver bullion are great investments and better than the financial markets:
Financial markets are shaky they go up and down and sideways like a yo yo on some form of amphetamines, due to the recent climate you have to be a real expert in reading the markets and it can be done , however it takes a lot of time, plus look at the

Inflation Is Coming to a all time high
I don't need to tell you that inflation is already here , if you look at wikipedia this is their definition of inflation
"inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. When the price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; "

This is simple $100 today will buy you less things than ten years ago.

If you look at the economy we are in massive deficit UK debt is around £1.7 trillion after we bailed the banks and the USA is a staggering £8 trillion and for you American readers that around $12.4 trillion your country is in debt by, and its going up by $360 billion a day.

What does the country do when they so much debt but keep spending more , they print money and when you print money more money that you can't back up by gold and silver? two things happens your currency becomes less and inflation starts to increase dramatically just look at the hyper inflation age in Germany after world war 1.

Gold silver bullion are great investments and this is what it boils down to:

If you want to be rich and more than comfortable when you retire you can not live on the state pension, its ridiculous, financial markets can not be trusted, as banks are being bailed out constantly by governments and unemployment is on the rise when this happens inflation happens too.

You see if you look at the FTSE 100 10 years ago and compare it to the present day in January 2010 their prices are roughly on the same price at 5300 or worse its now lower , so if you invested £10,000 at January 2000 your stocks would of lost or at best be still the same, that's a awful lot of money to invest and not make a return or worse a loss.

There is no solid logical or historical reason why the FTSE 100 should go up in the future, all that has been proven is the FTSE 100 can go up to heights of 6800 and that was when it started, but its proven it can go down just as fast, its never been stable on a up trend over a long term.

Gold silver bullion are great investments and these are the finical facts
Now if you look at silver 10 years ago the prices were around 5 dollars a ounce now in 2010 the price has gone up to 18 dollars a ounce that's almost 350% increase, so the £10,000 you invested would of become £30500, isn't that a great return plus prices are still going up, experts predicts the price of silver is only at the start of their rise, much like gold was 5 years back.

Now if you look at gold at January 2000 the price was $280 a ounce now at January 2010 the price is at $1130 that's almost 550% return on investment if you invested $10,000 in January 2000 your investment would be worth $55,000 dollars today and like silver if inflation keeps rising which it will, gold can only go higher , there more to the gold story and why its prices are so high but I will explain that in a different article.

Gold silver bullion are great investments summery:

I hope by now you see that commodities like gold and silver are great investments just remember this if you don't believe me for thousand of years currency has measured my the gold and silver standard its how countries know what a dollar is worth as they match it up with the price of Gold and silver.!