Where are these Golden Triangles?

Such "Golden Triangles" are to be found in areas bucking the current economic gloom such as Yorkshire, Surrey and the West Country.

A particular area of Yorkshire in-particular has seen its property prices grow and has become a place where the affluent buy. The region where property is in demand lies in a triangular area between York, Harrogate and Leeds. Properties in this area, particularly if close to good schools, are selling at above the asking price - unheard of in today's market.

The city of Leeds has also seen growth as a commercial centre and industrial place of the north. A number of large companies such as RBS banking conglomerate and Direct Line insurance have moved their commercial centres to Leeds making it into one of the main financial places outside of London. The Bank of England now has a second office in Leeds. Leeds also boasts at least 20 good food guide restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

York is a historical city and popular with tourists and Harrogate is a famous spa town. Both have easily adopted tourism and leisure as the main source of income and jobs in the area, a far cry from the wool and coal industry that used to be their main-stay.

All three places are well connected by public transport links. York is a quick two hour train journey from London, where as Leeds airport has grown in recent years and you can now fly to Europe and even the United States.

Golden Triangles for Property in the North

Properties with character and history always pull the most money and especially if in quaint villages close to the main cities. Small market towns and bustling villages around Leeds and York and Harrogate are faring well through the recession. Most buyers are drawn towards the Georgian style older houses for their size and character or more unusual properties like old rectories.

And in the South of England

Surrey is another area with a "Golden Triangle" where property between Epson, Godalming and Chobman is bucking the current stagnant trend and an open house viewing anywhere in this region can attract 30 or more prospective buyers.

This small selective property trend is dominated by the wish for period farmhouses, although large family homes in more built up areas also feature. A number of famous people live within this "Golden Triangle" such as Brian May (Of Queen), Dragon Den (UK TV show) presenter Theo Paphitis and Tennis player Andy Murray.

Here a property close to the motorway for connections to London may sell in days, not months, but you'll need a lot of spare change in your back pocket to afford one of these houses with a 5 bedroom home going for anything from one and half million pounds to 5 million pounds.

Coastal Properties

In Devon, in the West Country, running to Exeter and towards Plymouth and towards Dartmouth, there is also a "Golden Triangle". The dramatic coastline, easy commute to London or Eurostar to Europe and the numerous trendy seaside towns and pretty "cream tea" villages with thatched roofs and traditional small farms makes this another region that has defied the recession. Property prices here remain similar to what they were 5 years ago and some have even see the market value rise.