Probably one of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment is the weight bench. This item is going to see lots of action in most peoples home gyms. So with this in mind it is always best to buy a good quality bench which is hard wearing and built to last. One such model is the golds gym weight bench. Not only is golds gym a very well known and respected name within the health and fitness industry, but their gym equipment is high quality and it is priced at a price that will suit almost everyone's budget. Let's take a quick look at just three benches that golds gym are currently selling out there in the marketplace today.

Golds Gym Weight BenchThe first bench that we are going to look at is the Gold's Gym GGBE1968 weight bench. This excellent bench is more than just your standard weights bench. It is a multi position slant bench, which has two adjustable workout arms that can quickly and easily be moved into four different positions. Which is going to allow you to perform over 45 different exercises on the bench. These arms have resistance cords so that you can train at three different levels, these being low, medium and high. This bench has a total weight capacity of 350 pounds and is manufactured in a collapsible space saving design.

The second bench on our list is the Gold's Gym XRS 20 Bench. Again this is a little bit more than just a standard bench. It is a utility bench which when you move the bench away you can perform squats and other exercises. It has a preacher pad so that you can train your arms and a leg curl were you can exercise your legs. The barbell uprights can also be adjustable to many different positions so that you can comfortably and safely complete a variety of different exercises.

The third and final bench on our list is the Gold's Gym Olympic Bench. This is an excellent multi position weights bench, which is designed to accommodate olympic sized weights and bars. This bench quickly and easily adjusts to decline, flat and incline positions allowing you to hit your chest muscles from every angle. The bench also has a six roll leg developer, which is going to allow you to train your legs hard. It also as a rolled preacher pad, so that you can train your arms on the bench as well. Preacher pads are excellent at isolating the muscles in the arm and also help to ensure that you are performing each exercise using proper form. Using the correct form during exercising is going to allow your muscles to grow at a much faster rate. Which is something all people who lift weights want to achieve.

These are just three models of golds gym weight benches, there are many more. Do a little online research and buy a bench that is going to fit easily into your home gym space, has everything on it that your workout levels require and suits you and your budget. By researching and shopping online you are going to ensure that you get yourself the cheapest and best deal that you can.