Golf is a worldwide practiced sport which many millions of people play every year because it is a very fun game to engage yourself in and the fact that it can be practiced in a green space is an added bonus.

If you want to engage yourself in such a game you should know that it is a game that requires precision and it's a club and ball type of game. The catch is that you must hit the balls in the attempt of luring them into one of the holes that the course has, with a minimum number of strokes. Unlike any sports, when you're golfing you do not absolutely need a standardized area. You will mostly play this game on a course and each of these courses can have its own original design. A course mainly consists of 9 or 18 holes. When people engage into a game they must go for the lowest strokes when attempting to get the ball into one of the course's holes. The one who succeeds this is the winner of the game.

When it comes to the origins of this game, things are uncertain. No one really knows for sure where does this wonderful game played by millions today, originates from. There are some historians that believe it has some connections with a game the Romans used to play some hundred years ago, called paganica. In this game people had a stick which they were using to hit a leather ball. The historians also say that this game was spread throughout Europe after the Romans have succeeded in conquering the continent in the first century before Christ.

But the opinions differ from historian to historian. The game of Chuiwan was very popular in China in the 14th century. There is a manuscript that originates from the Ming Dynasty and it features a member of the Imperial Court holding a club in his hand and attempting to get it into a hole. When it comes to Europe, it is believed that golf was introduced during the Middle Ages.

The course is the place where you will be likely playing the game. It has a total number of 9 or 18 holes each of them with a teeing area. Each course has a different type of grass which can increase or lower the difficulty of the game. Usually holes are designed with a direct line of sight and there is the possibility that some of these holes can bend to the right or to the left. Golf players call this a dogleg, referencing a dog's knee. The hole is stated as a dogleg right if the hole leans right and a dogleg left if the hole leans to the left. There are cases though when such a hole can angle twice and in that event it is called a double dogleg hole.

If you ever want to play this game, remember to arm yourself with a lot of patience and good equipment. Practicing a few weeks will surely give you a great advantage when you will be facing your opponents. Best is if you could have personal trainer to assist you, thus you will be able to master it faster.