Finding the right golf ball is a bit tough with the market so saturated in brands, designs, and price ranges, but for most low handicap players, finding the right feel is a must. Fortunately the field to choose from is shrunken when it comes to high performance balls with feel and spin that the better player needs to shoot his or hers bast score.


Here is a look at the best new golf balls on the market with the better player in mind, regardless of cost, in hopes that it helps with choosing the right golf ball that fits your game.


Bridgestone has become one of the top designers of balls in the last few years and the company now prides itself on development for the top players in the world. The new B330 and B330-S are made with very thing covers for feel players, but has the duel dimple design for higher launch and more lift late in flight for more carry and longer drives. Bridgestone has four different balls to choose from, but these two were made in mind for players with higher swing speeds, but also golfers looking to control the ball into and around the greens with more feel. The price in the U.S. Runs around $45.00 per dozen, but worth every penny for those looking for a top quality ball.


Callaway Golf continues to drive development to a new level. The company that brought us 'Big Bertha' is now one of the industries leading innovators of balls. Hex Black Tour is their latest addition and its unique design of two different cores gives players both lower spinning shots off the tee with a driver, reducing side spin that creates longer, straighter drives, but also more spin with wedges to help control shots in and around the green. The Hex dimple design is terrific with shots in windy conditions, making this one of the best golf balls money can buy and at $46-50 per dozen, ones that are also among the most expensive on the market.


Nike is making big strides in recent years in developing top notch golf balls. The 20XI has an injection molded inner core that has allowed the company to make the inner mantle twice the size of their last version. This process has made the their inner core much lighter, reducing side spin off the driver and fairway woods, producing straighter shots. This new design might not have the soft feel most players are looking for, but the golf ball itself has everything the better golfer needs on the golf course. The price range is between $40-46 per dozen and if its good enough for Tiger Woods, it has to be good enough for you.


No list would be complete without the Titleist Pro V series. Every year this company does a little something to improve the performance of their long standing series and this year was no different as Titleist designed a new painting process for the cover to make the ball more durable. The Pro V series is so popular that mid and high handicap players have this the top selling ball on the market and with the company entrenched in pro shops all across the world, this ball and the company will long be the leader in the industry when it comes to sells and marketing.


These are just a few examples of golf balls that can help lower handicap and professional players, but as with any new item being added to your golf bag, try each ball and find out which one gives you just what your looking for to improve your game.