Why in the heck would anybody want to jack up their perfectly good golf cart? The same kind of person who isn't content with being average, that's who. Imagine the look on people's faces when you roll up to the tee box in a golf cart that looks more like a 4x4 than something you'd normally see on the fairway. And just think about the reactions you'll get from the more conservative golfers who scoff at anything "outside of the box."

If you've thought about it and said to yourself, "This is for me," then you, my friend, should consider a Golf Cart Lift Kit.

Golf Cart LiftedWhat Is A Golf Cart Lift Kit?

It's a collection of replacement parts for your golf cart's suspension and drivetrain that, when installed, will make the entire golf cart stand higher off the ground. The types of parts will vary based on the kind of cart you have, since different manufacturers use different pieces and designs.

Golf cart lift kits aren't much different than a 4x4 lift kit you'd buy for a truck or SUV. And work about the same way.

Two Types Of Golf Cart Lift Kits

Like lifting 4x4 trucks, there are two ways to lift a golf cart: A suspension lift, and a Body lift. Both have advantages and drawbacks. So read through this and make your own decisions.

Body Lifts For Golf Carts

Body lifts are very, very simple, especially on golf carts. All this kind of kit will do is lift the body off the frame by a few inches. The only parts needed are larger bushings. Your cart already has bushings that cushion the body from the frame, so a golf cart body lift kit will provide longer bushings (and longer bolts) that you use to replace the existing ones.

The advantage to a body lift is that they are cheap and easy. If you're remotely handy, you can probably put a body lift on your golf cart with no trouble in the course of a weekend. The hardest part will be jockeying the body (it can weigh more than 100 pounds by itself) off the frame, and then back on again.

Extreme Golf Cart LiftSuspension Lifts For Golf Carts

Suspension lifts are much more complicated than body lifts, because you're actually replacing several parts of the suspension system. These will vary based on your cart and lift kit, but expect to be replacing springs, shocks or struts, mounting brackets and more.

When it comes to 4x4 trucks, a suspension lift if generally considered superior to a body lift, though many customizers use both.

A suspension lift kit is going to take quite a bit of work to install, providing you've got the skills to do it in the first place. There's a good chance you'll be welding and cutting, so it's not an installation for the feint hearted.

Which Is Best?

Personally, I don't think it's worth spending money on a golf cart suspension lift simply because your cart won't be subjected to the stresses that an off road truck will face. Besides, once you put some bigger tires and wheels on, you'll get even more lift anyway.

I'd only recommend a suspension lift to somebody who is hell-bend on customizing their golf cart to the extreme. If price is no object in your desire to turn heads at the local golf course, then go ahead and knock yourself out. But I'd rather spend less on the lift, then apply that money to wheels, tires, custom paint, seats and a variety of other wild accessories.

Where To Buy A Golf Cart Lift Kit

You probably won't find something like this at your favorite pro shop. If you want one of these bad boys, you'll probably end up buying it online. And if you do find one around your town or city, it might be worth your time to compare online anyway, because you can often get them for much less through Amazon than in any store.

Golf Cart Lift KitThis Golf Cart Lift Kit is a steal at about $250. It will lift your golf cart 4 to 6 inches and provides enough clearance for tires up to 23 inches, but doesn't require any cutting or welding. It's a simple, bolt-on kit that shouldn't take an average handyman more than an hour or two to install, assuming you take a couple of breaks for beer.

It's hard to see in the photo because the rest of the cart has been decked out in camo, but underneath it you can clearly see that it sits several inches higher than a standard, boring golf cart.

Regardless of what type you choose, be prepared to get some attention at your local golf course. It's not a sport usually associated with extreme expressionism - which is exactly what a golf cart lift kit will give you on the links.