Hitting the ball long and straight is the dream of every golfer, no matter your skill level and with new materials and the latest technology, golf club manufacturers are making it easier than ever to hit fairways and improve scores.


Drivers are among the most popular and most purchased item by golfers each year and a number of new clubs are now on the market. Here is a look at the best drivers for 2013 and why they can help improve your game.


Callaway changed the game over 20 years ago when they introduced the 'Big Bertha' and now they are at it again. The new Razr Fit Xtreme is their latest innovation and perhaps the best driver ever developed in the industry. This is the second generation of the adjustable driver and players have total control of the weighting and face angle. Razr is available in five different lofts, all of which are adjustable and a price tag of $400. The club face was designed to add speed to the swing, meaning more distance and with the draw biased face, straighter shots for the average golfer.


Callaway didn't stop with the Razr as they also have the new X-Hot, designed and priced for the average golfer. $300 is still a high price for one club, but this driver has the most features and best performance of all the clubs tested by Golf Digest with a price tag of $300 or less. X-Hot also has an adjustable hosel and more draw bias for the higher lofted clubs. The biggest drawback is the plain looking crown, but for a complete driver with terrific performance capabilities, this club has it all for those looking to hit it farther and straighter.


Cobra has drawn rave reviews for its new Amp Cell line of drivers. With prices ranging from $250-400, these drivers were designed for everyone. With four different color choices, six different lofts, and the ability to change the draw or fade bias, Golf Digest awarded these new drivers with a gold medal for their innovation and performance and player reviews have been outstanding, except for the fact the club doesn't come in a standard black color.


Nike is slowly creeping up on Callaway for innovation and their latest driver, Covert VR-S and Tour have stretched the boundary of club design for the company. Priced between $300-400, Nike has developed a driver a duel axis hosel that allows players to change the loft and face angle, but more draw biased might be needed for those with a nasty slice. The biggest drawback when tested was the muted sound, but when that ball lands in the fairway 10-20 yards longer than your current driver, sound will be the last thing on your mind.


Hitting the ball longer than your friends is always a boost to the ego and a confidence builder and with these new drivers any player can benefit from the new technology. Gaining confidence and hitting fairways will also lower scores and despite the steep price tag, these clubs will make the game more enjoyable.